It Is Kind of Weird..

First of all I'm always surprised when I walk past mirrors. But the reason differs.

Sometimes I think "hey.. that girl ain't that ugly.. that's you?!" and on other days I think "damn are you looking bad today".

It really depends, sometimes I like myself, sometimes I don't.

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3 Responses Apr 19, 2008


i feel the same way. i vacillate between thinking i am beautiful and really hating the way i look or thinking i'll never look the way i want to. it is hard. and the pathetic thing is all i need to tip the scale is the knowledge that someone important to me (of the opposite sex) thinks i am beautiful. i want to get to the point where i can think i am beautiful whether he thinks so or not.

I'm the same, some day I think I'm not that bad, and the other... <br />
I think most people (well, girls...) go through this.