I Have Self Confidence

I dont understand why so many people have such a hard time finding their inner confidence. Maybe its the way I was raised and the family I was born into. I was born into a loud spanish family with lots of brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmas and cousins all around me. Family was key and dinner times were loud and you had to talk loud to get your point across. It taught me to be myself, not let others put me down and to overall anything else, just be yourself! Everyone is so different and everyone is so unique why are you crying over not being like someone else? Who wants to be like anyone else?

I don't mean to rant it just makes me upset when SOOO many people are having nervous breakdowns over issues that all stem from thier own view on things. True despair comes from **** you CANT control. Not these little problems people invent themselves. PICK YOUR CHIN UP!
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It's good to be. It's good to be great!

Well said, good for you. I've noticed several girls here really having issues with their self-image. Glad you're good with that

This is one of the best stories i have read on here. I am so glad that women like you exist who know who they are and do not depend on the media and everyone else to tell them how they should dress or look, you are your own women and you should be proud :)

Agreed! thanks for reading!

No problem now if only i would write a story so people could get to know me. But i hope you keep spreading the love and support. As well as i hope to hear from you soon :)

yeah family plays a big role.. i grew up in a loud greek family lol so i know what youre talking about.. i never freeze up or break down in any situation.. i can run with the best of them no matter what..

Agreed! Im the same way, always composed, my family def toughened me, but in a good way.

glad to hear it.. so many people suffer from anxiety and panic attacks when put in a difficult situation

Change the way that you see things, and the things that you see will change.

"Nothing is either good, nor bad, but thinking makes it so"-- Shakespeare

In contrary to you I was raised not to speak on table or only few words was exchanged, so I am a candidate to get self esteem issues. I am so shy and that sure doesn't help, I am probably a contrary to you, but I LOVE your attitude and how you treat problems and I think you are right how you affront others and don't lewt you get down, congratulations.

I'm sorry your home life wasn't what it could have been. If I could have you over for dinner I would! Love yourself first and foremost, I'm happy youv seen past what brought you down =)

Thank you for opening my eyes and I hope I can gain more confidence.