Super Hearing

I had my hearing tested a while back, the doctor said I had extrasensory hearing. I can't hear as well as a dog, though better than most people. If its quite I can hear sounds from very far away. On more than one occasion I had heard music from a party a quarter of a mile away. I'm amazed myself. I can hear it so well I can sing along to the words of the song. The people around me give me looks like why did you begin singing. When I explain I'm singing along with the music from that party I always get those weird looks, like what party?... I can hear airplanes or helicopers before they arrive. Most people can hear this after they pass.

Some sounds are too loud, like sirens. Those from police, ambulance, fire department, car alarms, carbon dixode or smoke detectors, a whistle (especially in a hollow space like a gym), etc... They are so loud, even if I'm not right next to them I have to close my ears or wear ear plugs. I'm also sensitive to pressurized sound like that from fireworks or a back firing car. Its so intense I can actually feel the sound through the vibrations.

In lots of cases its really good to have this kind of super hearing. It can though be annoying to those who like to listen to their music or TV super loud. To them its either barely audible or a comfortable range, for me its too loud. Plus forget about going to the theatre or a concert, I absolutely have to wear ear plugs. I can still hear while I have them on, its just not as piercing.
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Yeah it can be hard to have this extrasensory trait.....I especially dislike it when I hear someone saying something negative thinking I can't hear them. It doesn't happen much but it's close to knowing what people are thinking. Some people really should have an edit button. I mostly like being able to hear things most people don't. It makes me feel I have a supernatural power....kinda cool!

True, it is like we have a supernatural power, especially as we age, they become harder of hearing & ours becomes better.

The edit button would be nice ... LOL ... unfortunately so many people feel its their duty to inform the world that their thoughts are so important that we all MUST listen & learn ... :~p

Sure is destiney24 :~)

Its a natural 'power' Somexyz. I have no control over whether I have it or not.

That's good. But remember : With great power comes great responsibility. :D . (It's from Movie Spiderman)<br />
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Have a nice day. :)

Oh yeah. Most people seem to be hard of hearing. Thank you for reading subtitles, that's very kind of you c8lorraine.

really interesting!<br />
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I hadn't heard of this condition. I have experienced some deafness of latter years and have to resort to subtitles on the TV because people around me think the volume is too loud.<br />
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I can see how extra sensitive hearing also has its downside