My Gift

I have sensitive intuition. I would prefer to call it excellent perception but it seems that the environment around me does not influence my gift at times. Today I will use an excellent example of what I am talking about. My cousin who lives thousands of miles away puts on her Facebook page that she is watching the Wizard of Oz and wants to know our favorite character. I automatically think "The dead witch under the house" but instead I commented "The horse of a different color". That comment blew her off her feet a little because that's the exact part of the movie she was watching at the moment she read the comment which was within a minute or so after I added it. You could think coincidence but I don't think so because these so called coincidences happen to me ALOT and I do mean ALOT. I just know things before they happen. I see the knowledge like a vision with only thought--no mental picture. It's like someone is whispering into my ear but I don't hear the words. I am not psychic by any means. I cannot see others futures but I have an awareness of what's ahead in mine when I get close to the occurrence. I have dreams with pieces of upcoming events and sometimes when I don't dream at all I wake up shaking sometimes off and on for a day or so and then when a huge negative incidence occurs I settle. It's like my body knew something was going to happen before I did. I am proud to have this gift--whatever it is. I just don't understand where it comes from and it makes me confused at times. It has made me almost an expert at pre incident indicators and it had enhanced my intelligence greatly. No wonder I am weird. lol
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My besties is exactly the same way as us, and we both are in the same position of mystery as you are. With both of us we are highly conductive, which means that we get electrocuted extremely easily. I have even got electrocuted flipping light switches and plugging in appliances that are off and I wasn't wet either. I don't get electrocuted all the time, but months at a time I will get zapped ALOT and then it eases off for awhile and then comes back for months. Sometimes I dream pieces of my future that I remember upon waking but fade away to a blur through daily ativities and then resurface when needed. I have even dreampt about other people's natures. I met this guy once that I sensed that he had a dark side of sadistic sexual behavior and about a year later I dreampt about sensing his presents and it was at night and there was a bed and pills on the bed and restraint devices. Come to find out it was exactly the person he was. I was just getting validation or a warning to stay away from him even though he was not a strong presents in my life at the time. I have dreams like that alot. I just know things and in time I get a name and a clear picture for those things.It sucks being this way sometimes too because there are times that I will tremble with fear for days until a negative occurance happens and then I feel a strong sense of relief. That happens occasionally. I have witnesses to that fact because I tell people that somethings not right and then BAM something happens. I don't know it it's a curse or a blessing. Because of this gift, I read into the laws of thermodynamics, philosophy, psychology, etc., in hopes at finding some type of answer or divine purpose for it all. There are many names for it. ESP, Spiritual Psychic Thought, Angels, Spirit Guides. It's just a 6th Sense. I have experienced things that would make you turn white and even have creditable witnesses to prove it.