My Family Has Psychic Powers So It Doesnt Shock Me

Well, this doesn't shock me due to my family, however, I felt I needed to say something now as it worries me. We have been known to predict the exact date someone will die...I have pretty decent intuition as well, which I am learning is wise to follow.

I predicted the disaster in Northern Japan a week beforehand (I was going to study abroad in the Northern area, but changed my mind last minute (literally 30 seconds before choosing which application to submit...I filled in two out of uncertainty) after the dream and chose the very Southern island instead). Of course, this is just a more recent larger-scale example.

Earlier this week, an old friend contacted me asking me to spend a week next month with her. We would be traveling to another town. This seemed great, until she continually told me she wanted to drive rather than take a bus or plane. We're students, so it would save money. The problem was, it would be a 10 hour drive on a highway each way. And the few days away in that location it would be a four hour commute to where we planned to go.

Nothing has happened yet, as the event has yet to happen...I pray nothing does happen. I began to dread going and when I sat down to respond to her email (I only check email once every day or two), a commercial came on. I won't go into too much detail, but it was about a man who got into a car accident. It shows the agent, to whom the man calls after the accident's name on a plaque on her desk.
I read the name and went "Oh my gosh!" -- It was the full name of my friend's sister. Maybe you have seen this commercial, the man cries, "I miss you Jessica!" I love commercials, and had never seen this one before. I was so surprised, I wrote in my email to my friend asking her if she had seen the commercial with her sister's name in it.

I received no response to my question about the name, so I looked up the commercial on Youtube. I watched the video again, and the woman's last name was not even close to her last name. Maybe I was projecting my own feelings onto the commercial, but I find it very peculiar that I misread something to be something so completely different.

I pray nothing happens, but I felt I needed to let this out as it is what lead me to reading these postings afterall.
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Check with your psychic family. In my experience living with a psychic, it's almost impossible to avert disasters, because you see what's going to happen, you're not seeing something you can stop. At least that's what she believed. Maybe try to contact a deity or something I did that to change my destiny, but I paid a heavy price.