Self Fullfilling Or True Premonition??

I have always had more insight into the hearts of others. I can read people extremely well unless they are players. Players stump me everytime because I tend to believe in the truth (not just spoken. but actions). I recently met an insightful person who has mental issues like me. We hit it off and spent the good part of a month truly enjoying each others company. In the back of my head I had a fear it would go bad. I had had a similar experience. (only one. most of my friendships are forever) and the fear held me back a bit. I voiced my concerns and my friend said to be careful I may just have a self fullfilling prophecy. Well. suddenly our friendship is over and I don't know if I caused it by my mistrust or just knew it wouldn't work. Either way I'm heartbroken. I think my friend couldn't handle my issues with worry. He is an individual who treasures his solitude. I don't even know how or if it can be repaired, because it has to be up to him to reach out. When we were together we could almost read each others thoughts. Separate I miss talking to him all the time, but he is a "in person or not at all" type. BTW this is a platonic relationship. Worry is a constant pain in my chest. I have tried to impress on him that just emailing "hey, I'm ok" every couple days would go a long way with me. Either it goes over his head or he just doesn't care. The person who has emailed me bares no resemblance to the person I hung with. The person I was with said he loved me, said he was different. said he would never hurt me. We don't live that close, and even if we did, I'm not a stalker. So, did I fall for another player, did I cause this myself, or did I know ahead of time?
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That self fulfilling prophecy line is so way over rated and over used.