My Intuition Is Spooky -From A Major Quake To Internet Problems & More

This was my neighborhood right afterwords         ..(Well it appears to be a bug on EP had 4 photos here!) anyway the neighborhood looked like England after the Germans Bombed it in WWII

I survived a major earthquake in the 1990's...3 weeks roughly before that quake. I had this uneasy gut feeling, and could feel it in my gut, that a major quake was gonna be happening soon, and this overwhelming urge to prepare better for it.
Yes we had earthquake preparedness, but I wanted to update/upgrade/take it to the next level.  So off shopping for more supplies that very day, and my family knowing me kind of suspected I may be onto something so they supported me, instead of calling me a head-case, they know I have a good track record with intuition :)
Anyway it happened! Gladly we were not killed, almost but not, injured badly, yes..and all those extra supplies came in very handy.

Anyway on a more daily scale, I can usually feel when the car is going to break down.
Another example.....I recently have had my internet service is messed up not only due to a faulty modem, but the wiring in the wall behind the jack is messed up too and I KNOW IT...Well the tech support people don't want to hear I am right cuz my intuition says so...EVEN THOUGH IT'S TRUE...Oh No...don't listen to the crazy lady...pffffft...So they say we will send you a replacement modem which will fix the problems.   It came today and worked better, but still have problems!
Well guess what!?  DUH...yes the tech now says it appears likely you have loose wiring or a short inside your wall with the phone jack the modem goes into Double DUH again...and now after wasting 2 more FRIGGIN DAYS it's still Fvcked up and they can't get to it until Sat 2 more days from now....So instead of having it fixed in 2 days it will go into 4 days.
I am sick and tired of waiting for 'intuitively challenged', short sighted left brained only, type people to see.. I was right in the first place....Then have say I Told You So once again.

And so on, as it goes.

SpiceZ SpiceZ
56-60, F
Oct 11, 2012