My Way To Trust Intuition

There are a lot of moments when you feel like you already know the answer. But it's hard to hear it. And I fount brilliant decision to trust my intuition. Do you remember 8-ball from "Interstate 60"? I was wondering how can I use a similar principle to unlock my intuition and get the answer. Couple of days ago my friend adviced me an app that acts in a same way, just saying you yes or no, that's called "Yes-No oracle" which is totally free in Appstore. I was testing it after my first date with a guy, asking if he calls me soon. So I felt like he will and asked the Oracle, the answer was "Yes". And he did today. You should trust your intuition and use any means to unlock it. I found one way, maybe it will work for you as well. =)
Marisabell Marisabell
Oct 24, 2012