I Do Not Like It At All!

Not that I claim I can see the future, but for the most part, I always see it coming and how it will play out.  I gave up years ago on trying to change things, as I have learned the best I can hope for is altering it slightly.  Like being unable to prevent an accident, all you can do is stand back and watch.  Dejavu has been overwhelming to, freaks me out to no end!  I never know how to take it when it happens, and it makes my heart pound, like I have forgotten something, or I am suppose to take this one moment somewhere.  I think when you have more extreme emotions going on in your life, you are even more sensitive to both.  The knowing what people are going to say before they speak a word, or how they feel without even seeing or talking to them.  Not looking forward to the day because you have the feeling something bad is going to happen and you can't quite put your finger on it.  I don't think it is strictly a woman thing either, as I have known some guys who have it too. 

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Only 2 life long friends actually believe me and trust me when I tell them of my feelings or sights...I also wonder what is up with predictive behaviors I have, as I can think of something I wish someone would say to me, and then have them say it to me when they see me, I could almost fall over, I wonder how much I actually can influence others by this certain mind talent...I have actually came to the point of not fighting it, and trying to accept it for what it is and listening to that inner feeling, it is very empowering to know what is going to happen, or how things will unfold before they actually do. Sometimes I can alter what I feel is not the appropriate outcome for the situation and sometimes I cannot, usually if I am successful in altering an outcome, it was in a most destructive manner, but it did alter a more negative situation that could have been more potentially damaging.

well, I've got it too, and I love it! It always helps everyone around me, nowadays when I say something no one even second guesses it. which is really a bit of a shock to me...<br />
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and it is not limited just by emotion. for some of us, I believe, anothers emotion can become our own in these situations, which means, to those of us who calculate everything in play during these times, that we have, simply put, hit the nail on the head.<br />
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I do think sometimes that even the few of us who have the ability and use it in a detatched manner, can be more accurate in what it is that we perceive, because we can begin to feel things where before they were not there.

Exactly, I never figured out how to handle the one where I know they are lying to me, yet I just smile and listen, figuring out peoples intentions long before they know. It is a burden and very frustrating because I just want to choke people sometimes and say look, this is the way it is, I just know, but I can't tell you how I know...of course later they say, oh you were right.........which I so didn't want to hear in the first place, I wanted them to listen.

Agreed. Sometimes I can stop things, but many times I cannot. What is the point of having this ability if you can't help the situation? I don't get it. And sharing it with people makes me appear crazy. A co-worker or someone else I know will look at a person and say that they look angry or something. I'll look and see that he just had surgery, or has a headache, or has some disease, or is in pain due to whatever. My instincts about people are by no means infallible, but they're usually pretty accurate. You can also sense what they think about you, which can be quite painful at times. Sometimes I think it's just my insecurities, but many times it isn't. Knowing exactly what someone is thinking and seeing their intentions even if they're unaware of them is scary at times. Knowing when someone is lying, even though you want to see the best in people and discount that impression. Seeing people being false but not confronting them about it is a weird position. Sometimes the lie is accepted simply because a person responds, 'nothing,' to the question 'what's wrong?' and you want to respect that person's will not to discuss whatever it is. What are you supposed to do with that knowledge? It's a burden at times. I dunno.....Maybe the seeking of answers will allow me to know one day.:)

my best gfriend is the same way, and we try to avoid when at all possible....

it really freaks my sister out to talk about it....and yea, we are all a little crazy....

makes me look crazy or something, hey wait, i think i am already there, lol!

yep - and i don't like to talk about it, neither does my sister....