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Something Strange Happened Recently

I've always been able to feel peoples energies, when i used to go to church i always felt like i was going to pass out and my heart used to go at a rate of 90.  I no i definitely not claustrophobic so what could have been wrong.  It took me a long time to realise it...

Anyways getting back to my story, i met a friend of my mothers a few months ago, i hadn't seen her in years.  She's in her early 40's and i just happened to bump into her at the restaurant where my sister works.  So off i went over to her table to say hi, i got a very nervous feeling i started trembling and shaking while i was talking to her.  Didn't no in the hell what was wrong.  I cut the conversation short and left as quickly as possible.

Two weeks later my mother rang me to tell me her friend had died of a brain haemorrage, that very friend that i was talking to in the restaurant. She was so young.

My God, i was completely taken aback because of the way that i reacted and that.  Did it have something to do with me sub conciously knowing that the end was near, oh i don't no. 

It did kinda give me the heeby jeeby's though.

Angeleyes777 Angeleyes777 31-35, F 3 Responses Jun 21, 2009

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I believe this is more than just "Women's intuition" I believe God has gioven you a gift. Use it wisely and remember that, as scary as it can be, God gave you thid gift for a reason.

I can totally relate. Sorry to hear about your mother's friend. What a tragedy.

i have the same thing, i can feel how the people feels by touch them<br />
<br />
and i dream about things that later happens. magic ?<br />
<br />
can write me and talk about this