I Too Have a Sensitive Intuition

Once i saw this and read some of the stories i felt i needed to share mine. I have known since i was pretty young that i could sense how someone is feeling without them saying a thing. It started with my Mom. I always knew when i came home from school before i opened the door how she was. I would get a sense of it as i walked home. I started noticing more when i was with my friends as i got older. I know this is something I have inheirited from my mom. Over the years ....doesnt matter how far apart i am from her...if i am upset over something she will call and ask whats wrong. I now do this with my eldest child..He's 20.

I as well was told that I had a calming affect on a person when they were angry. It was described to me by a few people that it was like I was draining their energy. The negative energy from them. Was never really able to control that one. Mostly because it had a positive effect on people. And wasnt really aware of until i was in my mid twenties. I have tried looking it up on the internet because i have never really heard of anyone else that has that ..shall we say gift lol. but I am sure i a NOT the only one.

One aspect of my sensitive intuition is my touch. Especially when i give a massage to someone. I am not a licensed massasge therapist and Have had no formal training. But I am told by everyone who has recieved one of my massages that I am as good or just as good as a licensed massage therapist. One of the reasons I know I do it very well . Is that when i am touching someone...especially when massaging...I feel the energy flow. If there is a knot or spot on someone's body that needs tending to I can feel it in my fingers and I will intuitivly go there. I Know too when to stop massaging a certain spot or altogether because i dont feel the sensation in my fingers anymore. The only way I can describe it is that say if i am massaging a persons shoulders...i will get a sense that they're arms need massaging and I will almost feel it on my body in the spot that they need it. and almost itching feeling in my fingers. IT doesnt go away until it is fixed. for want of a better word.

Is there anyone else on here or someone you know that has that kind of sensitive touch? or the energy draining. I am curious to know =)

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well you are gifted and if you want to explore that you can browse im sure theres alot of people like you and i do believe in that medium i mean i have experience with this kind of people imagine even im in sciences and being medical incline person i believe in that phenomenom its ok and i think its a gift.

interesting abilities

I have intuition but I never act on my feelings only after what I feel or sence...

Have you looked up INFJ? You may be one, as they commonly have uncanny intuition.