Nipple-genital Connection

Josie and VisualOne,  you have raised this topic that is very dear to me. After a lady is somewhat aroused, I find that synchronous rhythmic pressure (by mouth and fingers) simultaneously on one or two nipples plus clitoris or internal g-spot at the right frequency (that of orgasmic pulsation) will almost certainly lead her to ***, even if she claims not to be frequently orgasmic. I don't see this written in the usual columns so perhaps we don't exploit this technique enough. Sorry to sound clinical but I just love to induce  pleasure in a woman. My own nipples are sensitive too. I love to have some 69 nipple-nipple work during play.
Pumppkkin Pumppkkin
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Nipple stimulation enhances my erection. My wife can actually climax with just extended nipple stimulation. Add that to **** work, and she is off and running. Actually, we usually dispense with penetration. No need to. Hand and mouth stimulation is all that is needed. Nice form of birth control.

Wow ! You guys rock ! I too have found that small perky breasts are usually incredibly responsive. I find that pleasure response to be most beautiful, especially in the smile and the eyes, the arching of the back and the arching of the hips ....Congratulations to you both in reaching an apparently high level of sexual communication at an early stage of your lives.

My G/F has extremely sensitive nipples..her breasts are small and perky and she feels sensations to her vagina from getting her nipples hard! I really love what it does to her!

Same here. : )

I meant I think pumppkkin is very correct that combined nipple genital stimulation will almost certainly lead to ******. But I agree with your comments too. : )

Think you're very correct about this.