Abused Nipples

I can normally ****** with rough nipple play, but after that, they are blaringly sensitive and wearing a shirt is unbearably erotic. A hug will make me moan, a tight bearhug will force me to *** and shriek. Some people don't mind me in that state, it seems.

I admire nipple rings and shields and all manner of piercings. But I don't have any because I'm afradi it will interfere with the sensitivity I experience now. My lovers agree, and would rather not risk it, no matter how hot it looks. Now and again, I'll yearn for them and make-do with clips, loops, and pinched rings. They make my nipples sore, which makes them more sensitive.

I especially love being banged from behind, my *** up high and head down, making my nipples graze the sheets or the sofa or floor beneath them. That makes me crazy with lust! When I ******, it's so intense, feeling currents and shocks as he bounces my nipples against the surface while beating my cervix and g-spot with ****. It feels so wonderful that I'm convinced I'm going to die!
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

kakdrukker, my nipples stay erect as is, which was a big source of embarassment when i hit puberty. is her left nipple more sensitive than before? or less?

Wow, my wifes left nipple is pierced and iy stays erect all the time, and I just have to brush it and she wll giggle and tell me she's getting goose bumps and that her other nipple is getting hard. I can make her *** just by sucking her whole nipple into my mouth and flapping my tongue acros her nub.

ironman, i'm still recovering from the last rough session -- i thought he was going to rip my nipple off my breast! it's still healing and pretty scarred, but it was so worth it! the intensity of *his* ****** while i shreked and cried was amazing!