Very Sensitive Nipples

I do have sensitive Nipples in spite of the fact that i wear Shelf bras or open tips bras regularly. They react to the slightest of touch or movement or even when my breasts jiggle while walking. It goes without saying that they are always up and at full attention. Having them touched / kissed for a minute can easily lead me to an ****** . i was under the opinion that my habit of wearing a shelf bra would reduce their sensitivity, but it hasn't and I'm surprised. I like it when i really wish to have one, and I'm not in a situation to do much, but other times, it does get real tingly!...
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31-35, F
9 Responses Nov 13, 2010

U sound like A pertty exciting girl 2 be around I'd love 2 see U'r sweet Nipples ! ! Add me .

Learning the arts? You should be teaching! lol

I'm always trying to learn the art!..lols!

Yes I've seen that you do use shelf bras but you have also gone braless. There is a place and time for both. Just part of your allure and methodology of teasing! I love it!

Thankyou for your kind comments!..lols.... I'm usually in my shelf bra...

I love shelf bras! Next best thing to braless. So sexy. i'd love how you display just enough to show but not being too explicit. Seeing erect nipples poking at the fabric of your top always gets me hot. Keep up the great stories!

I love it when a woman wears a shelf bra under her clothes when out on a date! It offers the opportunity for some discreet nipple play in the back of a taxi, at a cozy dark restaurant or in a theater. Keeping her moist on the edge all evening long... so erotic!

Silky blouses work wonderfully with shelf bra's ...provided they don't get too explicit... i carry a stole for those reasons. ...Yes... i do have one when someone plays or kisses my nipples.....

Mmmmm... I think shelf bras are so hot! Especially worn under a silky blouse or fuzzy angora sweater. Bet that would drive you wild? Maybe tickle a bit?