Mouth Rape

In my photography I run into all kinds of people and alot open up to me like I am a therapist. Which is cool cause I hear great stories.

I have a model who is Thai. Only 4'11 tall. She has large breast for her size and large dark nipples and aroleas, and recently she has been telling me about her dating etc. She is so cute and tiny with a cute accent and she mixes up words sometimes. I have notice that her nipples are always hard and mentioned it. She says that they are sensitive.
I notice when sometime I have to move fabric on her, her nipples get superhard and she kinds of freezes. She says the fabric tickles her nipples. Since them I always make it a point to have to adjust her blouse or accidently carress her breast.

While fixing her fashion I tickled her and grabbed her nipples and she squealed and she froze and I noticed she got flushed and goosebumps all over her. I laughed and said wow and while talking she used to phrase "Mouth Rape". I asked her what it means. She pause kind of nervously and I got her to tell me what it meant and what happened to her.

She said she has very sensitive nipples and her nipples are always hard.  Unless she is wearing a very padded bra the nipple prints show thru.  Guys always notice this.  When she meets guys and dates she try to avoid them from touching her nipples.

But because shes so tiny with big ******* and nipples they all go for them. If they can get their fingers on them and start squeezing them it can becomre too much for her.

They usually start with light petting while they are kissing.  She said they start kissing her neck and she starts to melt and becomes aroused. When she feels their fingers carressing her breast and squeezing her nipples points thru the material she starts to put a stop to it and hold their hands..

She grabs their hands trying to get them off but as long as they are massaging them the pleasure gets too So much for her and she can ***.
Some of the guys she knows know her weakness and even against her will they will get their fingers on them to weaken her and get their lips on her to work her over.

I asked her if guys all the same?  She yes since she little and breast are big and stick out they all try.    

When she starts to protest they all tend to hold her arms up or away and will push her bra aside and go right to sucking her nipples. She says its a problem cause her nipples are so sensitive and she comes.
Her nipples are her weakness. When she fights to keep the guys off her. The ones who know her weakness, will hold her down to get to her nipples, They starts sucking to force pleasure and ******* on her. Then because she is wet, they work there way into her.

I asked her if she is sensitive down there too. She said Oh my god Yes,..!!! She said she feels cursed... When a guy gets ahold of her and does it, she calls it "mouth rape" and she can't stop them.

Now my devious little mind is work...! hee hee

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Forced ******* is one of my deepest fantasies.... :-)

Looking forward to hearing how your plans unfold! Hopefully there will be lots of tickling too! hehe

After the shoot, I gave her drinks to loosen her up and asked for more details. I was glued to her stories.. While she was telling me her secret I was shaking and so wet too. I think she got excited too and relieved to finally being able to tell someone. I will share later...! Plus I have a plan for her.. heehee

OK, I have to leave a better response than the one I left above. <br />
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I was damn near ready to come when I read this story, and I just came back to read it again. Oh my god.

Mmmm.. how incredibly delicious! Thanks for sharing!!

Oh my my my....

love this story...thank you for sharing...

Lols... one of the draw backs of having sensitive ones!...