I So Much Enjoy Breastfeeding :)

Hi there everyone! I hope everyone is doing wonderful tonight. I'm really loving this site, I'm somewhat new but have already met many different people here and we are now great friends! Let me just say that it's wonderful that there is a site like this where people can meet others when shared interests it's amazing!

Now this may be a bit too long for a first story but I love talking and of course you dont have to read it. Now are there any mothers on here? I myself am a mother of two...a handsome two year old son and newly born beautiful baby girl. My son no longer latches on a daily basis, very rarely now but my daughter is a boobie munster haha! Now let me begin with saying that breastfeeding to me has always meant of great importance and the bond is like no other!

I remember precisely when it all began with me...I was eight years old and my mother had just given birth to my little brother. I caught her one afternoon feeding him and my curiosity just drew me to it. I was so amazed and in awe by what I was watching that I from then on forward would always watch mom while she nursed. One day she mentioned to me how she would always have to feed me and I told her that I didn't remember any of it. She then after a few more stories offered me her spare breast to taste because I told her how curious I was. Now mind you everyone this was strickly non sexual! Please don't start thinking immature and leave hateful comments. Rest assure this was nothing close to ****** or anything in that matter! Anyway from then on forward my fascination for breasts began! I remember stealing mom's breast pump one day and making it my new favorite toy for years to come!

Grown up now almost every boyfriend was fine with role playing my breastfeeding fantasies and very few had any problems with it of course. Breast play have always been the key focus of all my fantasies...if not mine then others and have always led to great *******! My nipples are VERY sensitive and nothing gets me off better than having them teased and pulled! However, when I got pregnant my biggest fear came to mind throughout the entire pregnacy...arousal.

After I gave birth to my son my greatest dream of one day being able to breastfeed finally came true. Now I'll admit it wasn't all that I thought it was going to be starting off, at first it very painful and difficult in fact. However, after awhile I adjusted and it was all very pleasent to me. Soon after the arousal began. I would go through nursing sessions as quickly as I could holding back the sensations so I could find my b/f and tackle him down to giving me the most amazing ******* ever!! I would time out perfectly each time he needed to eat and made sure my b/f was ready haha but like I mentioned before my baby boy quickly started weaning away and so it didn't last long. Those we the best couple of months for me but the months to come we're even better!

Two years later my beautiful baby girl was born! This time breastfeeding was a breeze and I felt like a professional milking machine! haha However, the arousal during her sessions we're far too much more intense than what it was with my boy. It's as if my nipples became ten times as sensitive and I just couldn't hold back the sensations for too long! I now, for maybe four out of five times, can't go through a session without pleasuring myself! I keep it as descreet as possible and theres no harm to her what so ever it's just I can't handle any restraint to just relieving so much arousal! I go through sessions while playing with a sex toy, grinding against a pillow, hell it's all so much for me!! The ******* I have are truly the BEST I've ever have back to back with each beating the one before! Great pleasure I can't even begin to explain!! Hell if anything you should try it! I really hope I don't offend anyone or make anyone see me with disgust and perhaps I should just stick to pumping I dont know. I think I'm enjoying it a bit too much and I'm afraid I can't stop.

Now again I write this for personal advice and opinons from you wonderful people! There hasn't been anywhere or have meet anyone that make me as comfortable the way I am when I'm logged in here. I love my kids would NEVER harm them or do anything unmotherly to any of them. I write this again to see if there are any mothers here or lactating women who go or are in the same situation as I am. If this is all too much for a blog I'll make it private and whoever care to talk to me can do so via messages. Anyway, I suppose I'll cut it short here for now. I'll write back soon later and I hope this starts a good discussion that will help me or any future mothers. Perhaps it's not as big a problem as I'm making it seem?

Much Love,
~Lady Glamorous~
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oh darling. I wish you were feeding me now. I would suckle you all night long.

That is a beautiful story. I applaud your honesty in discussing something often seen as taboo. You are not alone. Many mothers report being physically aroused while breastfeeding. I have no doubt you would never harm your kids. Nor would you nurse them excessively or just to be turned on. Enjoy the special times with your little angels and don't worry about what anyone may think.

Wow, your husband is very lucky!

hi miss can i see your breast

ladyglamourous, I have read much about arousal while breastfeeding and there definitely are much women experiencing similar emotions as you do. There isn't anything bad in pleasuring yourself while feeding, it's not your fault if baby excites you so much while suckling your sensitive breasts. And your boyfriend sure doesn't get less sex as you still will be very aroused after you pleased yourself. If I was your boyfriend I'ld LOVE to use your arousal to make you ****** as many times as possible suckling on your wonderful sensitive nipples so you get aroused so much you need to get several ******* to satisfy you entirely.