i am at work and lift up my bra and let out my ****..oh so free but they ache for a mans touch.. wish a man would flick them or tug or pull on them or even suck on them.. any guy want a dry nurser that want to suck
tigerandbears tigerandbears
46-50, F
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I would love to suckle your luscious breasts and nipples all night

I would love too

we all love to. find someone u can trust. most guys love breasts. tell a guy ur desire, and then note his expression. I told my day care lady that i really would like to suck her breasts. She is so so hot and so nice. i kissed her left one yesterday and gave it a big big soft bite. she did not mind it at all. she is over 50 and so sexy. truly wish i can suckle her. her cup is more than 38 i think. happy hunting. any suggestions for me my lady.
Thanks .


Yes please! You're exciting me.


As you can guess from my profile name I have a preference for delicious breasts (boobs). I'd so LOVE to touch, caress, massage, lick and suck your wonderful breasts for hours, hopefully making you ****** of my breast suckling.