Love Your Stories

I'm a 36 yo man with very sensitive nipples. I hate touching them when I'm not aroused but when I am... half the nerve endings that should be in my penis are in my them. I love touching the softly and gently in little circles. After a few minutes the feeling gets so intense I start to feel dizzy. Of course it's better when girls do it. It's still one of my ambitions to have two girls lick them at the same time.

Thank you girls, for your sexy stories about sensitive nipples. I've had many girlfriends but not one who can ****** just from touching her nipples, this is also on my to-do list. I would love to give ******* alternating between nipple-play and *********** (which I also love) and of course, combining the two.
BigPotatoMoth BigPotatoMoth
36-40, M
Mar 21, 2013