My nipps are very sensitive now that I am pregnant. I love to touch them every few minutes. I am now 3 1/2 months pregnant. I just love it so much and enjoy going braless quite often. In fact, I actually love going commando.
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I want to explore your nipples for a few hours

So hot!

Think I would love to touch them too

Mmm. That was my favorite part of pregnancy. I couldn't keep my hands off my nipples

Can I nibble or bit your nipples sweet dear

When is your baby due?

Are you ANR?

My wife has said the same. She was scared if anything wrong with her nipples. It was her first pregnancy,we talked to the gynaecologist. He said it happens with some during pregnancy. her nipple looked jutting very obviously over the shirt. the doctor stared on them and said, seems they need to be checked if the bulbous swell is caused by any infection. My wife was not wearing a bra she slowly unbuttoned her shirt revealing her fabulous breasts before the young doctor. He looked at her breasts and touched the nipples very gently. Then he lightly pressed the nipples between his fingers asking if she feeling any pain. She said she feeling ticklish. The doctor smiled to her and said, she may stop using the bra till she feel comfortable for using it , may be after her delivery.

i looooove prego women. damn im glad to hear you love touching your hard nipples. mmmmm wish i could help you with that. nothing sexier than a big boobed ,big nippled braless sexy preggo woman. kudos and congrats hon.

That's great you have such sensitive nips now that you're pregnant. I guess you get quite aroused of going braless and commando.

Wow your pregnant. Pregnant women are so hot.