Ticklish Nipples...

 Some time ago I had a girlfriend who had the most incredibly sensitive and ticklish nipples! Her nipples where big and puffy, and I used to love to tickle them with her fluffy make-up brushes while she was tied down spread-eagle to the bed! She giggled, laughed and moaned, as she looked down at her engorged nipples being teased through teary eyes... her breasts jiggling... it was so beautiful! The tickling would make her so deliciously soaking wet between her voluptuous thighs, as I goaded her to erotic and sensual ecstasy! 

MrTickles MrTickles
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4 Responses Nov 1, 2009

wow~! that's hot ! cheers

Oh boy! *rushes off to get the makeup brushes*

Mmmmmm and I'll get some restraints!

I actually also have a friend that I tickle named Cindy who has the most sensitive breasts and nipples I've ever encountered. Her aeroles and nipples are large to begin with but when I begin feathering them or tickling them with fingers, make up brushes or a pair of electric toothbrushes that have medium brush bristle heads on them those nipples quickly swell to incredibly huge propoprtions and become even more sensitized to the touch. Blowing on them, licking them, kissing them, sucking them or nibbling on them once i've started tickling her gets her into an almost catatonic state of erotica. She deliciously giggles and moans, slowly squirms and wriggles and her entire body shivers and shakes which is an incredible turn on. When I combine this with feathering or lightly finger caressing the undersides, the sides or the tops of her breasts and occasionally flick the nipples or circle the aeroles with the feathers or my fingertipss she totally loses control.

@ ginababe: Mmmmm... I'd love to try it on you, Darling!