I do have sensitive teeth, very sensitive! If food or drink is too cold, I have instant pain! And if it's too hot, PAIN! This is why I have to wait for my coffee to cool. And why I can never bite into ice-cream, unless I want to start crying! Coffee has to be warm for me to enjoy it, not hot. And I have to slowly gum ice-cream and let it warm up some in my mouth, before I can let my teeth fall on it. :-/

Also, I can't have things that are too sweet. That hurts my teeth too. So, chocolate is a rare luxury for me. It hurts like hell, but is SO worth it! XD

I just have to brush my teeth right away after, so the pain will stop. Or use the Oral-gel, that my dentist prescribed for me. It helps numb the mouth. Yep... my mouth is in poor health, I know. It's the most annoying part of my body. =p

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

You might want to think about the ultimate solution - have them removed. It was on of the best decisions I ever made.