Serotonin Syndrome

I was wondering i have had 2 bouts after taking antidepressents and at the moment are still not physically well.
Can the syndrome go away and i get my health back,as i dont seem to find any one who can help me
kittykat1958 kittykat1958
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Yes! Your brain will recover (: however you will want to see a doctor to talk about either reducing or eliminating antidepressant use until the syndrome is diminished. It stops once the excess serotonin has been absorbed or excreted from the body. I had to stay antidepressant-free for two years now, to relieve all symptoms. I've been low in mood since then, but physically I am finally well! I am waiting to try another antidepressant this year (however I'm afraid to.) I wish you the best with your recovery!