Service Cat

I have a service cat her name is Licorice I love her soo much. She is a psychiatric service animal. I use to be a member of psychiatric dog society but they would not let me talk about my service cat because she was a cat. I think there is so much species biased out there for service animals. When there are miniature horses for guides and even service birds. Her tasks are licking me on command when I am crying. She is also a social buffer for me. She also alerts to my panic attacks. She is my savior and to have people tell me that I am a bad owner because I have my kitten as a service cat is unexceptable to me. I hope someone else will share there story about service cats as well I know there is not just two of us out there.
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Cats are wonderful animals... I'm glad she has been able to help you :)

While I've never had an official service cat I have been blessed with the service of many cats in my life as well as being a service human to many cats. Cats are so special to some of us. Give Licorice a pet from me.<br />