Binge and Purge and Rant and Rave

I get angry at people who do not like what I write on the Internet and then I go and buy Idce Cream and Twix and Spaghettios and eat it all at once. Then I feel guilty and throw it all up and it hurts and it stinks aand I get angry and lash out at all the aholes on the Net.
CherylUtman CherylUtman
46-50, F
6 Responses Jun 1, 2007

I cannot control myself. I have all good intentions today and eat and eat and eat and tell myself I will start dieting tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and I am doing exactly what I did the day before. eat eat. Am I depressed? I dont see much point in anything at all. My partner hates that Im destroying my health and hates that I am on a course of self destruction. I cannot in all honesty control this destructive behaviour. I am picking up so much wright and loath myself more and more each day. HELP

maybe you should cut down your internet time. i think i should do that sometimes... especially when i start dabbling in things that put me n a negativity mind set especially about myself. Even if your not on the net there is always someone w. something negative to say, and you have to look at them with compassion because they have issues too

Remuda Ranch

why? why do you get angry at people on the internet? you are who you are and dont let us affect you! being opinionated is great, i wish there were more people in this world who said what they thaugh. as for the binge eating, i know how it feels, i wish i could throw up though, its hard for me to do that, i have tried.

i suffer from the same thing...i started throwing up until one time i ate something all white and when i threw it up i saw blood and it scared the life out of me. im still binge eating, and fight the bad feelings from both eating and being too scared to throw it up, but my goal is to get better, to find something to look forward to other than eating, something i can spend all my time on so i dont even think of going to the store ... maybe we can think of something ... im a writer, too, so i feel you chica :) kf

Wow don't do this to yourself you shouldn't care about others opinions I know it's hard and maybe this won't really help you or you might not care but when you do that your only proving their point so be strong and take care of yourself^^