Everyday is a struggle, I am scared of facing tomorrow because I know I will let myself down and fall into the temporary comforting but ultimately destructive habit of binge eating. I was so depressed last year that I ate so much I have stretch marks across my stomach from the rapid weight gain. I feel sick and horrible- I feel like crying because I don't know how to stop and it's ruining my body. 

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

U R SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, y r u so sad? Want to chat

*hug* you'll make it through!! follow your bliss, love!

I would suggest trying to find another habit....maybe walking/hiking... if its stress related, just getting out so you can try to relax and enjoy the outdoors... for those times your still drawn to food try and select food that will help fill you up, but is low in calories... green veggies...<br />
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If its stress you can read up on it at a library or online and find other positive ways to cope. It can take time but you can do it. <br />
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Best Wishes! Mel