I have really bad anxiety attacks. I almost died a few nights ago because of a dizzy spell that triggered my anxiety attack, and they did not blend well. I've been really freaking out about school starting again, and I'm scared. I'm terrified. My attacks are getting worse, and there is a big chance that my dizzy spells happen because I don't get enough oxygen to my brain.
My attacks and spells have taken over my life, ruining everything that's fun, or even normal activities that I need to do. I can't go anywhere without having one. I take medicine but it doesn't work all the time, plus it makes me sick, which makes me anxious.
I feel like the people around me don't realize how much this affects me, much less how scary this is for me. I already live in pain, but now fear too. My hands are always so shaky and my knees feel weak. When I get these spells and or attacks all the sound around me fades out, I can't see, I get super pale and sweaty, I feel like I can't breathe, I pass out, my body sometimes shakes (not violently), my heart races, I get dizzy, and sometimes I can't even communicate before blacking out. It's scary, and some people treat it like it's nothing. I can't even live a normal life because of it, and it's driving me to the edge. I already have so much going on, and now I can't even do anything that used to get me away from everything going on.
Sometimes I wish I could just give up, but I don't break promises.
myusername22 myusername22
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2014