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As a fifth-grader, my breasts were already beginning to develop. In the sixth grade, i noticed that one was about a cup larger than the other and i put a sock or two in one side of my bra in effort to conceal it. Time went on.. the right breast rapidly grew larger and larger :/ while the left remained a tiny a cup. Now i am a freshman in high school and have to wear a prostesis EVERYWHERE. My right breast is a 40dd and my left is still an a. I cant go swimming because it is so noticeable. I cant sleep without my bra or i have nightmares about someone discovering my huge secret. I have looked at augmentation before and after pictures, got a job at subway, and am now saving up money to have oneĀ  when my breast are finished developing!! I will be praying for everyone on this site that you will be able to cope with this difference and find a solution. <3
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My daughter is built just like you. She wears a mastectomy prosthesis in bras that I have sewn pockets into, even Victoria's Secret bras! She also wears bikinis that either have already got pockets for pads or that I have hand sewn pockets into. If you don't sew you can take pre-made pockets to a seamstress and have it done, but I find it works better by hand, esp if you have to wear underwire. My daughter has worn strapless or spaghetti strap dresses with a strapless bra that I have sewn pockets into. You can use bra tape that is sold at prom stores to help hold bra in place. She doesn't wear deep plunge necklines but does fine with somewhat low cut. We have found inexpensive, swimming safe prosthesis at and pre-made sew in pockets at Also, cute bathing suits with cup sized tops at For swim suits you may want to order a teardrop shaped prosthesis that can be turned sideways to fit into the suit better. My kid is pretty cool about it, tho a bit tired of dealing with it. Her best friends know and she even goes without her prosthesis around them sometimes. She will probably have the surgery at 18. You can often get a free initial consultation with a plastic surgeon and some will work with you on a payment plan. Also, your parent's insurance may cover due to "psychological trauma', just cause it is "cosmetic" doesn't mean it won't be covered. Talk to your pediatrician or family doc. You can still dress cute by being creative-Check out GoJane for dresses in larger cup sizes that will work for prom...Good luck and try not to freak out.