I Thought It Was Only Me - Aged 17

Since I can remember my breasts have been different sizes. One is a 34D and the other a 34B. Throughout high school I have been extremely embarrassed of my breasts. I have tried to show them in a way where no one would think they are abnormal! in a way i guess i do this so no one would question me and i can forget. I wear a 34D and a pad in my 34B. To this day I have always believed the other would catch up but it never did . I find it extremely hard to speak to anyone about it. Not my family, friends nor my boyfriend of a year who hasn't even seen them properly!! This really affects my relationship as i feel extremely insecure. I am so glad to know I am not on my own And that 40% Of women suffer from assymetrical breasts of at least me cup size difference. I hope one day I have the confidence to share what I am so insecure about not only to my boyfriend but to myself without feeling ugly! Good luck whatever path you take. But only choose surgery if you feel it is the right decision to make. Give it a lot of thought!! I hope it gives you the confidence you deserve!!! Best wishes Xx
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