My Life As An Equation

I go from depression to anxiety. High energy to low energy.
Low energy + depression= extreme depression and morbid feelings
High energy + depression= reckless and suicidal
High energy + anxiety= OCD and stress
Low energy + anxiety= anxious, but weak, passing out.

Eating goes with none of these.

Sleep only when i pass out, or sometimes when I'm low energy and depressed I take sleeping tablets.

This is how I am all the time. But I try to pretend that I'm ok, even happy. Then I cry myself not to sleep at night. I have to believe that a miracle will happen and I will get better again. Someday.
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13-15, F
2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

I'm sorry you have to go through that. We live in a defective society where you are not allowed to be a human. People are running around with suites of armor a mile thick to get by. Those of us who are more sensitive never put on the suite of armor because we knew it wasn't real. Because the sensitive types don't have on the suite of armor, they can pick up on all of the junk that other people are suppressing. And feeling other people's junk, that is depressing.

Society is defective

Hope things improve for you.

Thanks. We'll find out. Maybe