I only found this out 2 years ago, about apparently I've had it my whole life.
The assessor looked at me after the test and just said "Well, you've got the worst case I've seen in a while, but you're also very bright", I'm guessing that's because I wasn't found out for so long, I adapted enough to do normal life, just not work well to instructions, and deal with some higher end school work skills.
Anyways... Yeah. My way of coping is doing everything by patterns...
Letters are patterns.
Numbers I ain't all that good with, I find it really hard to add up or anything. (Trust me, the 8 year old I babysit does maths quicker then I do....)
The way I do everything is determined by the pattern, if it's wrong, then I have to restart, so that's always fun when people think I'm dumb and try to take over...
I can't remember how to swim, or ride a bike, read analog clocks or anything like that if I don't do it for a while. Clocks are the hardest ones...

Anyone with it? Would be nice to talk to some other people about things in the same autistic boat.
xPrincessLovellx xPrincessLovellx
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014