Losing My Life To My Need For Sleep....

I sit here tonight on my second week of Nuvigil and I wonder if this is what "better" is supposed to be....

My sleep study isn't until next month. The Dr. wanted to start the meds now to take the edge off. My husband seems so happy to just have me awake during the day, but I hate the way the meds make me feel. I have these waves of emotion all day ..up and down...pacing from anxiety like a caged animal. I am so nervous about the sleep study I feel like so much is riding on it. If they cant find something wrong...whats next? Im so tired of being ashamed of being tired and sleeping. Im missing my son's life. Im looking like a failure to my husband. ugh Hypersomnia...its all I can think about. I find myself searching it online every free minute and wondering "is this me?" I ve talked about to some friends at work and I can tell they dont buy it. I work in the medical field and work nights. Sleep is always on our minds, but no one seems to understand what Im going through. I feel really alone. It would be easier if I had a real disease. Shouldnt I just be able to will myself to not feel tired?

I was wondering anyone else has had experience with Nuvigil? Does it get better? It makes me so uncomfortable in my skin. I sweat, pace and panic all day until I crash. I feel like I want to go outside and pull up all the grass screaming. sigh..maybe tomorrow will be better....

AreYouSleepy AreYouSleepy
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Join the Idiopathic Hypersomnia facebook group. It is full of friendly and helpful people who are in the same boat as you and you can have tons of valuable information at your fingertips!

hello are you sleepy. Yes, I am and my dear I am just like you but just turned 40. Was put on adderall which makes me very ou adjitated at the world and everyone around me. I was just like you looking up hypersomnia and obsessed with it. Sleeping my life away, my husband cheated on me though. I have a 7 year old that just wants her mommy back. I did have the same feelings you have about the sleep study and what it that wasn't the problem??? I was nervous during the sleep study and didn't even feel like I fell asleep during my nap studies like I do at home. But they said I did and in fact I have hypersomnia. Does your medication make you feel moody and cold inside too or could this be hypersomnia in itself??? I also found out I have hypoxia of the brain which no one can support me with because I haven't found one person like me that has it. It is lack of oxygen to the brain while you are sleeping and can be very fatal. I got off the adderall and I am still moody, cold, lost my inner self, my personality and many things along the way. I am now on oxygen and searching for a drug that can not only wake me up but make me feel good at the same time and not like I need to go back to sleep so I don't jump down my loved ones throats. You'll do fine so just hang in there and I bet you're right like me and if you obsess over sleep you probably have hypersomnia.....of course I'm not a doctor and if that's not it then take one day at a time and be pro active because most doc's just don't care....not in my town anyway. Do you feel moody and adjitated like me, I'm just wondering cause I'm trying to understand my moods.

I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia after suffering from the same symptoms as yourself for many years. I haven't taken Nuvigil but have read that it isn't a very nice drug to take and lots of people experience what you're going through while they are taking it.Just wanted to say hang on in there till your sleep study, I'm sure the specialists will be able to help and prescribe something that gives you a better quality of life. Good luck, I wish you all the best. Do keep in touch and tell me the outcome of the sleep study? I take Modafinil by the way.