2 Kids Who Were Always Tired

I have two kids who are always tired. My daughter was diagnosed at 17 and my son at 15. We know this condition runs on my side of the family but my kids are the first to actually get a sleep study done. I had told the docs for years about their tiredness but they would just say how lucky I was to have kids who slept good. My daughters is under control but my sons is proving to be very difficult to control.
My son has been on meds for a year and a half now. He has maxed out every med he has been on. My son sleeps 10 to up to 15 hours a night even with all the meds in his system he can keep on sleeping. He also takes long naps that can be 2 to 3 hours long and of couse not being refreshed when we wake him up. We have to wake him up every day with a lot of shaking and being loud. My son is late for school every day and many times misses half a day of school. If he has to do heavy cognitive thinking at school, or takes a couple of tests in a day he comes home and sleeps for hours wakes up for an hour or 2 then back to bed and then misses a half day the next day also. This has become very frustrating. It doesnt matter if its school which he honestly does like going to, or something he loves to do with his Dad. If it involves deep cognitive thinking he gets very tired and usually last the next day also. It seems as though he cant have any of the cognitive thinking. He is also very forgetfull and can lose his train of thought very easy. when he wakes up from a long unrefreshing nap he can be disoriented and speech is slurred and red eyes. He also gets cold hands and feet.
I was wondering if other people have this same problem
2alwaystiredkids 2alwaystiredkids
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