Trouble With Ih And Spouse

ı have been diagnosed with panic attack , gad , depression and conversion since 1997 . ıts been 16 years since than. ı used different kinds of pills now ı am on cipram for about 11 years. it works well .my university years were hell. ı complete my university education in 7.5 years :( .ı was always sleeping and didnt have any energy to do anything. those years my family hardly accepted my situation. but finally mom understood that was nothing to do with lazyness . she accepted every negative thing was due to my depression anxiety etc. after 2 years ı graduated ı began to work in a state job .after 2years ı married a coworker in the same job.ı told him about all my illness and that ı sleep too much . he didnt minde we married . when ı was living with my family mom was doing all the housework the only thing ı was doing was sleeping early enogh to let me have a sleep at least 10 hours so that ı could be able to be awake at the office. but when ı married ı was trying to do housework ( wasnt very successfull ) and becouse that husband stands late hours at night ı was waiting him to come bed so that for about a year ot two years ı began to sleep on my desk at the office. there had been severe quarrels with the chef/boss but becouse the job is a public job it s not that easy to fire a worker.somedays ı was waking ( never had difficulty in waking ) but feel like paralyzed that days ı told my husband to tell the chef/boss ı was ill and go to doctor. he did this several times and fought with everyone for me. but on monday ı was feeling sick my stomach and head was aching and was so tired caıuse we entetainedı my husnabds sisters family with 3 children over weekend .ı told him ı will go to doctor and get doctors note for one day. but my chef/boss phoned him when will your wife come inspite she knew ı went to doctor just to annoy him. he called me from the office but ı was still sleeping and he burst .we quarreled tuesday , he said make something for your lazyyness and sleep ı am done . ı felt miserable. said okay ı will try but next morning ı was so angry for his threatening attitude. ı began to cry in the office garden and he became more and more angry , we spoke last night he said ı dont say anything about this anymore ( with a broken heart ) today ı feel very tired and miserable. what can ı do ?
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Have you ever been checked out by an Endocrinologist? If you have not seen an Endo, please do and beg and plead for an IGF-1 test which is the precursor for the growth hormone. Growth Hormone Deficiency causes disabling fatigue, the daytime sleeping, and later on many, many, many more problems. After 17 years, I was finally diagnosed and started growth hormone injections six weeks ago. I'm already starting to feel better but it can take 1-2 yrs to bring my hormone level up to that of a "normal" person. Mine was so depleted and I was not making any myself. So please, please, please continue to find out why you are where you are. I refused to accept an unknown diagnosis or chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc... I wanted answers. And I finally got them