Sex With The Repair Man

The man had been working on my bathroom for the past week and it was getting to me. He was reasonably good looking, tall, thin and hadn`t shaved in a while. He wore loose jeans that rode low and showed some pubes in the front when he reached up ... and the outline of what looked to be a great ****.
I know he saw me looking at his crotch but he didn`t respond. Several times I had run to the bathroom holding my crotch and telling him I had to pee, like right now and hitching up my skirt before he was completely out of the bathroom but nothing seemed to be working! Was I losing my touchÉ
Yesterday I wore my shortest skirt, a tiny thong and a tube top. I decided that I was going to make some cookies and that as I offered him one with his coffee, my tube top would roll down exposing my G cup size ****. I worked on the cookies, working a finger into myself a couple of times and then working the dough some more.
Cookies made, I adjusted my top so it rested right on top of my nipples and I took a plate of cookies in to him. As I offered him the plate I took a deep breath and my top rolled over my **** and down to my waist. I gasped and tried to cover my **** with my left hand and putting the plate down I ran out of the bathroom sobbing (I am a great actress). He followed me into the kitchen and tried to pull my top up but in about 10 seconds he was fondling my **** and then he was sucking on them ... I was on fire, I'd waited a week for this! I grabbed his **** through his jeans, it was huge and I couldn't wait to see it and suck on it but he had other ideas .... spinning me around he hauled out that huge **** and bending me over he pushed it into me, and fingering my **** at the same time he ****** me until I screamed for mercy. I came first and before I was done he was shooting his cream into me.
Later he told me that he'd been wanting to do that all week but wasn't sure if I was willing. I mean, really, I'd been crotch watching him all week!
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5 Responses May 19, 2012

I can fix anything. XOXO

Love to get my tongue into some of those home maintenance tasks ... 8-P

If I was ever a repairman at your place, I would have worked more with you and surely my other work would suffer.... but that would not matter would it... I could spend the whole day and night and day and night.... just having a sexually good time with you ... maybe a bathroom break or snack break.... then back to stroking, kissing, licking, fingering ...... squeezing........hmmmmm .... not leaving at all....

Susie, anytime.... I would love to repair the leaky crack you have ........ the one hidden between..... also usually hidden within those sexy thongs..... ;-)

What a lucky lucky repair man, I mean, I dream of be **** watched like that and to have you work your ***** juice into your cooking? Oh my god that sound slide heaven to me. If I had my way I'd want to taste your ***** in everything that I ate.<br />
What a yucky guy, your such a sexy creature, I love it.<br />

I wish I could be repair man, I would have ****** you all week! Great story thanks for shairing