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I love dressing as a woman   period  i dont know if i have the courage or desire to live as one   all i know is my body feels so sweet in female clothes. I want to make friends with others who feel the same
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to paula you are awesome i am actually going to do this and let you know how it went

Hi Jocyelyn. This site it good spot of start your quest. When it comes to dressing as a woman and passing as one is not as hard as it might seem. Take some time out and go to a mall perhaps (any where where there is lots of people and you can sit and have a coffee. Take your time and study how women dress. Dont focus on the teenagers of very slim petite women, they are for starters a minority and there is nothing much to learn. Look at the other women particualiy the larger ones. Watch how they dress. Usually they will do so in a manner than highlights there best bits and down plays the not so good. Also pay attention to colours. I dont though for a second that you will be able to pick out a style that will work for you. I am luckly, I have largish hips for a male and some times my problem is looking male !

thanks for walking me through that you are very kind...

I think you need to go to your inbox and you will probably see you have a new fan. It should say jessicaknight is in your circle and you can click there to add as a friend. then we can keep up with each other, ok?

You're welcome Jocelyn, I hope we can become friends and chat sometime. I too feel the same way. Jessica has been supressed for quite a long time, but now she feels a little better being able to talk and share among all the other girls here.<br />
<br />
Hugs, Jessica.

Thanks for reaching out I feel like ive been imprisoned for so long and its really cool to meet others who know exactly what i'm talking about

Hi Jocelyn, I also love everything about wearing womens clothes and wish I could fully dress as Jessica more often.