Yes - Every Single Day

We used to have a less than satisfactory sex life - not in terms so much of quality but of frequency. When we started going out I gave my then lady friend oral sex - way before she allowed me to go further - she enjoyed it. In time we got engaged and then married and though we had good sex we did not have it very often. She would wear the most hideous things to bed. men's boxers over cotton panties, a T shirt or a sweat shirt - it was like sleeping with a guy. She did not like me removing her shorts and panties when we did have relations either. Well things got heated up a bit when we wanted children but afterwards - awful - the frequency went from ok to infrequent - and that was one word....Worse we went to condoms - horrible things. Well a few scares later and we finally got her on an IUD - perfect birth control. Then business got better and there was finally some extra money around. I walked into a lingerie shop and purchased a pretty camisole, robe and panty - and I laid it on her pillow - she wore it. That set became a flag. I would lay it out - sometimes she wore it sometimes she did not - when she declined I slept on the couch and we argued about it. Soon when I slept on the couch she would come in dressed in that set in the mornings - we argued about sex - out came the outfit and we made up.

Sex at night was not working but mornings - well that seemed to be better.

I started buying lingerie. Teddies and short gowns and panties, then long gowns and more panties - she still did not like me taking off her panties so we would have oral sex and intercourse wearing her panties - I discovered french knickers - tap panties - perfect - very pretty - similar to boxers but very accessible - we found we liked silks - ok more. I purchased a rosewood lingerie chest - took her along. Then she let me organize it for her. Drawers for her short gowns, tap panties, briefs and bikini panties, teddies - oh the cotton panties - they still were used - when she had her period....

Eventually we set a schedule - twice a week - then after six months or so we upped it to every other day - well now we were communicating and our marriage became much better. She liked the change - occasionally I would slip in three days in a row then we would revert to the plan. After about another six months - she just decided to dress for bed each night - by now she was making her own choices as to what to wear to bed and she decided that we would make love every morning.

It has been four years now - each morning unless she has her period or one of us is ill - which does not happen much.

Marital relations are important - they are the glue that binds a marriage together in one soul. Because they are important they are the first thing we do each day - not the last when we are tired from our day and after everything else that took place that day. Everything else we do comes after we tend to one another's needs in the morning. Our marriage has never been better. Her tummy is firm, so is mine, I lost weight, we are respectful of one another, we are tender and considerate - it really is a good and proper way to live.
pdqsailor1 pdqsailor1
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013