we been good friend for long sometime engaged in passionate rendezvous. Now we are miles apart however keep in touch for hellos and hi's. This early morning around 5 she called me just to check about a few things while i recollected about the bed I was sleeping. This ignited the spark and the mentioned how it started with the bj.....all that fluid over flowing and rock hard rod. her juices were oozing and we did the tongue was lapping up the juice.... now she climbed over me spread her p**** and let my c**** ram her deep. she rode wildly , her bouncing B*** and long tresses. she got over and bent and wanted me to do the doggy. On all four. i slid my rock hard was noisy...the juices squeezed out with was getting faster ..she was moaning and asking for more....each jab she wanted it hard...real hard......her body was stiffening, it was sucking my member deeper, finally she shuddered let a scream..........she held her own P**** as if it was gonna explode.... my nerves were full, full of blood, my ball bags heavy and i emptied the load huge thick load...she could feel it pierce ...warm and thick.. another few strokes....and the mixed body fluid flowed out....

We came.....together....she was fingering, while i was *******. What a morning...I feels good real good.

sweetpleasure sweetpleasure
36-40, M
Nov 29, 2012