Sex In The Video Arcade

It was a Thursday and I was extremely horny. Fortunately I was going to be off Friday and the weekend. I got home from work, planning to go to the local Adult Book Store later with the hopes of getting a lot og ***** to suck. The problem was that it was Thursday, a slow evening at the ABS. I planned to get there about 11pm, getting some straights who struck-out at a couple bars just down the street.

I got home from work, after a short rest, got ready for the night. I cleaned-out my *** then showered. I dressed in short shorts, tank-top and sneakers. I left and headed to the local ABS, my **** getting hard in anticipation.

I arrived to an almost empty parking-lot, much as I expected. I went in and, after getting com tokens, went to the back, the video arcade. Being so quiet I was able to get the best booth, one that had glory-holes on both sides. I entered the booth and, after putting some tokens in, ********, leaving my clothes on the bench.

It was not long before I heard someone enter the booth to my right. After a brief wait, I went to the glory-hole and signaled for his ****. As nice hard **** came through and I kissed the tip then licked the shaft. I took it into my mouth. The first blow-job of the night ended with me swallowing his ***. When he was limp, he pulled out then left after pulling his pants up.

While I was giving a blow-job, I heard more guys enter the arcade area and was hopeful for many more *****. Before long, I gave three more blow-jobs but was still horny.

Then I got a signal for my ****. I thought why not. I put my **** through the hole and felt a hand stroke it then fondle my balls. I leaned against the wall, putting my **** as far through as I could. The guy on the other side licked my **** and played with my balls. I was enjoying it and slid two of my fingers into my ***, using my other hand to play with my nipples. I was starting to lose myself in the pleasure of what he was doing to my **** and balls and the fingers sliding in and out of my *** when I felt his hand and arm come through the hole and he reached for my ***. He followed my fingers to my *** then withdrew his hand. I then heard him tell me to unlock the door. I started to pull back and he ordered my not to pull my **** out. For some reason I obeyed and, leaving my hard **** through the glory-hole, I unlocked the door.

A few seconds later, the door opened wide, letting all of the guy hanging-out see me standing there, naked with my **** hanging through the glory-hole.

He came in and pushed the door closed. Standing behind me, he rubbed my *** and started kissing my neck and ears. As I moaned, he slid some fingers into my ***. He pulled me back and had me sit on the edge of the bench. He knelt between my legs and licked my **** as he fingered my ***. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation and played with my nipples, pinching and pulling them.

He moved away and I watched him suck a **** through the glory-hole. While he did that, I went back to fingering my ***. When he was done, he came close to me and started to kiss me. As I opened my mouth for him, he passed a mouthful of *** to me, making me hard.

He noticed a **** in the other glory-hole. Before he could get it, I moved to the hole on my hands and knees, presenting my *** to him. As I started giving the blow-job, he played with me ***, stretching it with his finger. Soon I had a mouthful of ***, hopeing to give it to him. He pressed on my shoulders and I stayed where I was.

I felt his hard **** pressing against my ***. With a great thrust, he rammed his **** deep into my ***. He ****** me hard and I was begging for more. I was lost in the great feeling of being ****** but I did notice that we were being watched. He grunted as he filled my *** with his ***. Limp, he pulled his **** out and dressed.

I sucked a few more ***** before calling it a night.
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3 Responses Dec 31, 2011

I'm jealous, I want to treated like a *** swallowing ***** too

Mmm...very hot night!!

Nice story, but you really need to run the spell check function to catch a lot of those spelling errors, ya know??!!