My First Time Cruising An Adult Bookstore.

It was a little scarry,I was nervous as a little school girl,and in a way I was a little girl going to school.Little did I know whar an educational experience it would be.I'll start from the beginning.I had met a handsome man in a local park while sitting at a picnic table reading a copy of Transformation Magazine.He had noticed it, and stopped to talk with me.It was a gorgeous spring day,and I was wearing a white knee lenth dress with capped sleeves,and my favorite white patent leather pumps with these adorable bows across the open toe.I had Hain's Lace Top Stockings on in a suntan shade making my legs look lovely with the sun on them.Ed and I spoke fpr awhile,and he invited back to his home a few miles away.Having been dressing as a lady for many years,I had recently gotten curious about my lust for ****,but didn't know how to deal with it.So,I was alittle excited Ed asked me to his place,but he didn't realize I was a virgin to this.I really was nervous as I drove to his home not knowing how this was going to go.
When we got there,it was in a nice middle class neighborhood,and this put me at ease abit, but still I was nervous.We went inside and he poured me a glass of Merlo wine, and we talked awhile about different things.The more we talked,the more relaxed I got,or was it the wine working on me?Next thing I knew his hand was on my thigh rubbing it slowly and my emotions starting working on me.I was getting a stir from between my legs as it strained against the confines of being tucked away between my thighs.Ed leaned over to my lips ans kissed me gently.I felt so hot,and didn't know whether to pull away,or go with it.I paused for a moment,and gathered my thought's of how I was feeling about all of this.This was my first encounter with a man,and something I only had fantasized about.How would it feel,and what would I do?I took the time to tell him I had had many thought's of going to an adult book store,and looking for sex,but didn't want to go it alone the first time.Ed said,I'll be happy to take you,and suggested a place called Bush River.How fitting,I thought to myself.For a moment I thought about it,and he continued to fondle my hot body,and caress me all over.I got so excited,I stood up,and knelt between his legs as he sat on the couch undoing his fly.I reached into his pants,and with drew his manhood.It sparang out and stood up so proudly.I slowly leaned towards his ****, and began to lisk it's massive swollen head.I licked it up and down like a big lolly pop enjoying every moment of it.At this point,I began to realize I was enjoying every minute of this,and slowly let his **** sink deeper between my lips.I gaged as it hit the back of my throat which I quess is normal for the novice **** sucker.I got into a rythum with it,and relaxed myself.Deeper and deeper it went without issues.Ed said,Kimmie,won't you let me unzip your dress.We stood up,and I turned around,raising my hair away from my zipper.As he lowered my zipper,my heart pounded away in anticipation of what was to follow.I had on a white bustier with matching white bikini panties.I turned around and he sank low to remove my panties.He slowly slid them down my legs,and out popped my litttle she *****.He wasn't at all surprised with it,and had me sit down.He sank to his knees and began to suck on me making it hard in no time flat.Next thing I knew,he led me to his bedroom and laid me down.He continued to fondle and kiss all over my body,and rolled me over.He asked me to get up on my knees,and point my preety *** upwards.I had an idea what was coming next,and was shakking all over.He lubbed up my love hole,and moved in close.I felt the head of his swollen **** enter my ***** slowly.It hurt so bad for a moment,but quickly went away to be replaced with a wonderful feeling of being a woman being made love to.He got to banging the hell out of me,and I felt his load blast deep inside of me.He was playing with mine,and I let loose of my honey.He with drew from my *****,and I laid down on my back as he liscked me clean.Then Ed laid down and asked me to lower my ***** onto his face so he could suck his *** out of it.It was so good,I shot off again.
I recovered and went into the bathroom to shower,and get dressed.When I was done, he did the same.He poured some wine,and we talked again for awhile about what we just went thru together.I got his number,and set up another date.
I had told him I wanted to go to an adult book store,and get gang banged,but didn't want to go alone.Ed mentioned a place called Bush River just north of Baltimore,and about an hour away from us.It would be the place to go.I asked alot of questions about it of course,and especially,how to dress?Ed said,the dress code would be what gave the boys easy acces to my goodies,and he would handle the rest.We made arrangements for Saturday night,as it is the bussiest night there most of the time,and around 10:00pm.I decided to go home,and start looking thru my outfits for the sluttiest thing I had.
I settled on a short black and white plaid pleated skirt with a sheer white top,and a black blazer over top.It made a nice school girl outfit to say the least.I wore a black bra and panty set which was complimented by black lace top stockings giving the boys easy access to my goodies.I chose a pair of black patent mary janes with a 3" heel.I wore a pair of white ruffle top socks on my feet as well for the little girl look.I just touched up my face,and before long,Ed would be picking me up.On our way,Ed and I talked about how to handle myself,and what to watch out for.Of course,he would be keeping a close eye on me to keep me safe.
We soon arrived,and went inside to the counter.The girl working the counter was a little rough looking,but complimented how great I looked.I thanked her,and we went into the theatre to find a movie to watch.As I walked into the place,the heads turned.They had heard my heels clicking along the floor long before they saw me.I felt as though I were being undressed while they watched me go by.We found a Transexual movie playing in one room,and sat on the soffa.Before a few moemts,we were making out likehorny kids.A good looking guy sat down next to me ,and began to play with my nylon covered thigh.Soon,his hand was trying to get between mylegs,but I kept them tightly together to keep the suspense factor going as Ed had suggested earlier.I finally had had enough of this,and let my legs spread apart.His strong hands found my little surprise,and began tp play with it.I reached down,and slid my panties down,putting them into my purse for safe keeping.He flipped me over,and up onto my knees.He quickly placed his hard **** into my honey hole,and had his way with me.I was moaning,and pushing myself back against hime as he ****** me.I turned to look over my shoulder,only to see a line forming with guys stroking their hard *****,waiting there turn.When the night was over,only cause I couldn't walk straight,and being had 9 more times as Ed watched on,I had gotten my wish.I slowly walked to the restroom,and cleaned myself up.I fortunately brought a mini pad ,and a tampon with me to keep all that *** from running down my legs on the way home.I felt so excited,I couldn't wait to do it again.It certainly told me alot about my sexuality that night,and I knew what my purpose in life was sexually.That is to serve men whether it be sucking their swollen *****,or,getting my ***** worked.That was ten years ago,and I haven't changed a thing.It stil is something I crave as a woman,and know I do very well.I'm glad to be able to help all those sex craved boys at Bush River,and look forward to cuming back.As for Ed,I still date him on and off.He's been great to me,and I'll never forget how he introduced me to being a *** ****!This is a true story,and hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.
Love Kimmie1321
Kimmie1321 Kimmie1321
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What a wonderful story. i haven't experienced that yet but hopefully one day soon i will. i did, however, recently experience e-stim for the first time and i had a similar euphoric feeling. Congrats, girl.

holy crap that was hot! I can almost smell you through that story. So good you weren't here in front of me telling me this story......I would not be able to hold back from going for you - Seriously, I am so attracted to you right now and I have no idea what you look like (and don't care). Kinda scary.