First And Only Bbc

A couple years ago I was in New Enland several times for training. I was driving along Mass. NH. Border and saw a adult bookstore. I went inside and saw a video booth section. Once I went into a booth I saw the gloryhole, the kind that open and close. I started the Video and heard the quiet knock so I opened the cover and the fingers that poked thru were black. I was excited so I put my **** thru the hole and he was great at sucking. After a couple min. I thought I Would *** so I pulled back and said my turn. He then asked if he could come into my booth, some video booths don't allow this, but when in Rome. So I said yes and in walks a big black guy. He was young and fiendly and a little heavy about 6'2". I opened his pants and pulled out his **** 8" and thick as hell at the base. The head of his **** was average so I started giving him head and he got hard as rock. He then Pulled back and went down on me, I did not last long at all and he swallowed a big load. After, I knew I had to go back down on him so I got on my knees And was sucking this big black ****. I really got into trying to get it in as far as I could, I was sweating And at times gagging due to ramming his head into my throat. Then I got a taste of *** and I shoved it down my throat, when I pulled it out he had shot his load so I was licking it clean and sucking the head.
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May 22, 2012