Ficked My Girlfriend In A Booth

I told her to wear something with easy access. She did... A short little skirt with garder belt and skimpy pantys... All black... That could easily be pulled out of the way. We walked in... She was scared. A lot of men were standing around cruising for sex. So we lingered in the viewing booth area. I asked her if she wanted to **** any of them. She said maybe later. So we went in the booth and I hiked up her dress... Stuck my big **** in her from behind. She moaned. We heard the men outside the booth gasp. She leaned against the wall.... I thought of how many men have been ****** in the *** in the same booth and position... I reached around and played with her ****.... Imagined it was a tiny version of the next mans **** that would be stroked in there while taking it from behind. We both came together in a massive *******. Can't wait to go back.
Zenmonkeygrip Zenmonkeygrip
46-50, M
Dec 10, 2012