My Very First *******

Wow, I can't believe I found a forum for sharing this story, so here goes---
It was the late 80's and I was a horny 30 yo straight male.i went into the booths at the adult bookstore in Redding, Ca, to stroke to ****.I peeked under the stall across the isle and there was an older guy, squatting down, and ******* a nice hard *****!he made direct eye contact with me, and his lustfull gaze made it very clear what he wanted me to do--so I did it.
I entered his stall, he stood up on the chair facing away from the screen, so his rock hard **** quivered in my face.I just put it into my mouth and started sucking.It was unreal--i loved the heat of his ****, the smooth skin, moistened with my spit, as it slid in and out of my mouth.I had to turn my ballcap around.For 10 erotic, lustful minutes I sucked him, and then--he pulled his **** out of my mouth!~~~~!!! I had no idea why--i thought his moaning meant he enjoyed what I was doing???? i was so naive!!! he was pulling out to give me my very first facial, and was it a doozy!!!! his first spurt hit me squarely in the eyes, so I had to shut them.Subsequent spurts of ***** shot across may face for what seemed like ages.When he was done, he patted me on the head like a puppy--and walked out.leaving me quivery at the knees and with a HUGE amount of *** all over my face!!!!What could I do?? I used my fingers to wipe the streamers of warm *** off my face, and had to lick them dry.WTF--I didn't think to bring wet wipes!!!! i left finally, did some shopping, and got home all before I saw there were 2 or 3 distinct streamers of white dried up *** proudly displayed across my black colored ballcap! kinda hard to deny what you've been doing wearing that around, eh??? TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome!!!! And ? Have you done it since ?