Playing With My Toys

The first Thursday of every month is dubbed "Ladies Night" at one of the **** stores in my area. A have a handful of friends that like to go at this time. On Ladies Night there are no men allowed in the store and the sales people and cashiers are women. Now me, I dont care who's in the store. If I want to go, I go whenever. lol It's nice to go to Ladies Night though because they always have numerous sales going on. Lingerie, porns, edibles, toys all on sale. I love my purple rabbit. lol I want a glass one...they look sexy. I have a vibrating **** sucker...mmmmm lol. I have numerous toys to play with. Just thinking about them and typing this story is kinda making me hot... I love to please myself and I love for my lover to watch me please myself. And I love for my lover to please me with my toys.

I also like edibles. Chocolate body paint is among one of my favorites. Nipple paint, cotton candy boobie dust, some motion lotion.

All of these things make sex interesting and help to change things up and keep it new. I love it.
Miluna Miluna
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

lets see some pics with your favorit toys hun

I know how you feel, I like to visit the store too. Just picked up a bunch of new items last week.<br />
<br />
Suction cup ****** (one flesh, one mulato and vibrating), **** strap, gag ball, and collar.<br />
<br />
Long live the toy store.

Nice. I'm a bit surprised there is enough female interest to make every Tuesday ladies night, but it sure sounds like a great time!