Knee Shaking *******…what A Girl Wants!!

Now I’ve done my share of bed sheet gymnastics.  I’ve engaged in role play, usually playing the part of a damsel in distress rescued by a horny Cop, naughty Fireman and even a studley Plumber.  I’ve been blindfolded and spanked and covered with various jams and jellies.  I’ve been tied up and held down and I’ve even been the object of multiple simultaneous lovers, each bringing their ‘A’ game.

Yesterday I had a delivery.  A cute 20 something UPS guy in tight fitting shorts whizzed down my driveway in his big brown truck, bearing gifts he was eager to deliver with a wink and a smile.  If I hadn’t been on my way out, I would have invited him in for a quick exchange of DNA, something I’ve fantasized about but never made a reality.

Anyway, after a day of the usual mundane activities, all of which required exceptional patience on my part, I arrived home frustrated and anxious…and in need of sexual release.  My plan was to jump in the shower with my waterproof **** vibe before the husband got home, just to take the edge off, but that plan quickly evaporated when I eyed the package I had absent mindedly tossed aside before rushing out the door.

It had arrived…the We Vibe 2…a new sex toy for couples that all but guaranteed a whole new awareness of explosive *******…yeah, right!!  Well, I thought, I’ll forego my ************ plan and wait for my husband to join me in exploring the qualities of our new toy. Plugging it in to charge its battery, I went about my evening preparing dinner and setting the mood for love.

Once we finally landed in bed with a cold drink and finished watching Charlie Sheen deliver his all too predictable jokes in our favorite sitcom, I presented my husband with our new toy.  Now the We Vibe 2 is pretty cool.  It’s shaped like a deformed horseshoe with tiny vibration motors at each end.  It’s designed to be used DURING intercourse, thus delivering vibrations to the **** and the G spot while my man’s **** does its usual ***** ballet. After figuring out which end went inside and which end rested on my eager marble, we got right to it.

 Well ladies…I never thought anyone could devise a sex toy that was truly satisfying for us both…and I’ve tried most of them…but I was wrong.  This is an awesome sex toy! Small enough to keep things comfortable, this puppy delivers such intense vibrations that we both climaxed almost immediately…and then after the customary 20 minutes for my husband to refuel…we did it again.  I was blown away!! I still can’t believe how satisfying the We Vibe 2’s vibrations were and the precision of its delivery made me *** with an intensity I have never experienced before.  Just thinking about it makes me tingle.

I suppose the We Vibe 2 is suitable for alone play, but when accompanied by a hard **** it is without a doubt the absolute best couples sex toy on the market today.  My only complaint is that I didn’t discover it sooner!


BMuff BMuff
36-40, F
Feb 28, 2010