Did It!

So I finally did it... I met up with her on craigslist. It was amazing. she cameand pipicked me up and took me to her place. When we walked in there was hot lesbian **** on and she asked if I wanted a drink. While she made the drinks, I got comfortable, rubbing myself through my pants. She came back with sime drinks, sat next to me and started rubbing her **** too. By now, I was rock hard and guided her hand to my **** as I started to strike hers. I than pulled my out and had her stroke me while I slowly let her **** my mouth.

Afrer a little while she guided me to her room where she ******** me and gave me the most amazing head. "I'm ready if you are" she said as she lay face down with her *** up. I jumped on it, and put myself deep in her. thrusting in and outof her *** harder and faster, she was moaning, as I was getting harder inside her. "I'm *******" I told her, and she just yelled "**** yeah baby fill my tight hole, give me everything you have!". I climaxed and pulled out, and she uimmediately licked off all the *** left on my shaft.

Glad I did it and I hope you enjoyed my experience.
tehrizzo tehrizzo
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

lucky u :)