I Have Two Black Lovers.

I am a married white woman who loves black men and currently have 2 black lovers.  I became involved with them last September around the same time.  I met them through Adult Friend Finder.  A year ago I never thought I would be enjoying bbc like I do now.  My husband, who is white, knows about them and encourages me to see them regularly.  For a long time, he would always tell me that I could get someone who was better looking and bigger than he is.  (I for one think my husband is a good looking man, for a white guy and I do not consider him small.  Just maybe a little above average, again for a white guy.)  Anyways, after our first daughter was born, I could care less about sex and always made excuses not to have sex.  My husband therefore ended up cheating on me...with a BLACK woman.  He only did it twice.  I know because I had the cell phone records.  I also believed him when he confessed everything.  I was deeply hurt, but I grew to understand why he did what he did.  Still, I felt it was not right but I forgave him, but could not ever forget what he did.  Anyway, I talked to my mid-wife about my low sex drive and she made a few suggestions and recommended a couple of books for me to read.  I purchased and read them.  I started to think about sex more and fantasize.  Eventually, we started having more sex.  We decided to have a second child and after our second child was born, my sex drive skyrocketed.  Then, even after I was having sex frequently with my husband, I found out he was talking to the black woman who he had had sex with almost 3 years before and flirting with a couple other black women.   I have always been attracted to certain black men, but never really been with any.  I started thinking maybe I would try to find a black guy to be friends with.   I wasn't sure where to start so eventually I decided to try Adult Friend Finder.    My husband continued to flirt and talk to the black women around work and he continued his fantasy of me being with someone better and bigger than him.  For some reason he didn't fantasize me having sex with a black guy, but someone of the same race as us or italian or something.  Well, I figured that if I was going to find someone bigger then my chances would be better with a black guy from what I had heard anyways.  Well, imagine my husband's suprise when he found out I actually signed up on AFF and had met not one but two black guys both who are bigger than him.   He was upset and mad at first, but them warmed up to the idea.  He was unsure about my meeting them at first.  I think the fact that he didn't know them and I was meeting them for the first time was scary.  He didn't want anything to happen to me.  Well, all went well, better than I ever imagined it would.  I thought that I would only meet them a couple of times, but I have continued to meet with them and I am not ready to stop!  Black men are definitely better at sex and bigger (thick and long).  At least in my experience!
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I read your story and like it.
I'm an African black man for, I don't know why, I like dating white girls. Right now, I met 2 women and both told me having never been **** hard by the way I did. They liked it so much. To be honest, I have a big and huge **** which can remain hard for more than an hour.

<p>Great story. I am a white married women with 9 biracial children. I am married to a black hung male. I am now expecting twins again, this will be my third set, so this will make numbers 10 and 11. I am very pregnant and due on August 19th. My husband shares me with his black family and friends to breed me and get me pregnant.</p>

seems like you have had good luck and made the right decision for yourself. i always say that its not the things we did that we regret on our deathbed, its the things we didnt do.