New Clothes To Wear On Trips.

i had a little time this morning in St. Louis today so went to Galleria Mall and bought a new dress wraparound some new underwear and couple garter belt outfits at victoria secret. Also bought a new bathing suit. Way to little to wear motel pools but going to make myself, especially when using pool with reps. this all sounds so coniving (sp) but just slowly working my way. Have to keep all hidden from hubby. Anyway here goes!!!!!!
crystalwi54 crystalwi54
22-25, F
7 Responses Sep 5, 2012

How did if go with the fellow reps. Did any one make a pass at you

Bet you look stunning modeling your new clothes. The reps will all want to do business with you. And who knows, your hubs may like the idea of his wife being so sexy and hot with other men... You will certainly have fun!

Men never conive(sp)?

I bet he will ravage u when he sees what u have in store for him !!!

What a lucky bastard!!!

ty hehe

Sexy , smart, hot and naughty ! growl !