My Most Recent Visit To My Ex-husband

If you have read my previous stories, you know I still have a sexual thing for my ex-husband. I love my current husband but he just can't do for me what Mark can in the bedroom. My current husband has no idea I go to see Mark. Mark and I fought like cats and dogs while married but our sex was always perfect. So I continue to go see him on a regular basis. And if you have also read my previous stories, you know I used to have sex with our dog when we were married and that continues now when I visit my old house. So here is a recent account of my last visit to Mark and our dog, Chief. Chief is a mix between black lab and German Shepherd. He is a large dog and has a large ****. And remember that this story and all my stories are absolutely 100% true. No fantasies here, baby. So, here we go.

I went to Mark's house dressed in super tight short little shorts with a small top and no bra and flip flops. When I got there he greeted me at the door with a big kiss and big hard-on. He kept humping it up against me as he kissed me. He is about a foot taller than me so it rubs way up on my tummy. It is long enough that is sticks up out of his shorts so it was bare against my bare tummy. He was very pre-cummy already and it was rubbing all over my skin and felt so good. It was hot precum. I finally pulled my shirt up and bent down some and let him rub his **** and precum all over my boobs and nipples. My nipples are little so I stuck them in his pee/*** hole and that just about made him go crazy. After a while of doing that, I was ready to ***** my clothes off and get down to some serious action. As I took them off, Chief knew exactly what that was for and he began whimpering for some action. I looked at Mark and told him that Chief needed his first since he would not understand if Mark went ahead of him. Mark agreed to that but he said he had a request. He had a new guy at work that he had told about our sexcapades and that guy had said he would love to just watch that or possibly join in. Mark had told him he would ask me when I came over but he felt sure I would agree. I told him I would love that. Then he said there was one other thing. The guy was black and he had a bigger **** than Mark has. Mark has 8 1/2" uncircumcised. I asked Mark what size we were talking about and he said the guy claimed to have 9 3/4" uncircumcised. And Mark said he felt sure the guy was telling the truth because Mark had seen his **** hanging down his jeans leg at work. Mark had asked him how long it was soft and the guy grabbed that thing thru his pants leg and said, "That's 7 1/2" of soft love muscle right there, man!" I told Mark I could not wait to see and have that thing!!! Mark said the guy could be there in 5 minutes so I told him to call him right then. In the meantime waiting for him, Mark and I kissed some more. He put his **** between my legs and humped back and forth while we kissed. My God, he had made my ***** so wet it was running out of me. He began begging for some ***** but I told him no until Chief got his piece of my ***** and we had to wait for the black guy to get there so he could watch Chief and me *******. In just a bit, the doorbell rang and Mark looked thru the sight glass. It was the black guy. Mark was totally naked when he opened the door with his hard-on sticking straight out and it was covered in his own precum and my ***** juice. Mark had not told that black guy how big his was so as he came in he looked down and said, "Whoa, man that is a nice **** you got there!!!. Looks like you had some ***** already, man." Mark told him that was all precum and my juice but he had not put it in my ***** yet. The whole time they were talking, I was looking at that guy's pants. He had on tight jeans and I could see his **** plain as day hanging down his left leg. It was very very impressive. Mark's is about 7" long soft and is visible in his pants too but Mark's **** is not nearly as thick as this one was. I was very anxious to see this thing fully exposed.
Mark introduced him to me and his name was Jason. Jason looked at me naked and said, "mmmmmm mmmmm that looks like good stuff, man." I thanked him and said I would love to see what he has since I had already had a peek thru his pants leg. He grabbed it and said, "You talking about this little thing?" I advised him that was what I was talking about but it didn't look little but I needed a closer look to be sure. He took his shoes and socks off first. Then he took his shirt off and, holy ****, he was so muscular. His chest and arms were so huge and powerful looking. I had never been with a muscular guy before so I was really looking forward to this now. I walked over to him and began rubbing his chest and arms. And then I went in for the kill and began unzipping his jeans. I could not wait to get my hands on his ****. I opened them and reached down his left leg and felt it. It felt like a giant ****! It was starting to get hard but it could not move because it was stuck in those tight jeans. So I slid them down and as they passed the end of it, that **** sprung straight up north. And I mean all the way against his tummy and chest! Holy God, I could not believe how big this thing was!!!!! And sure enough, it was uncircumcised too. And the foreskin was covering the head. I pulled it back to expose a huge head too. Mark is a little slack in the head size so this looked wonderful. I began massaging it and the precum began flowing like a river. I got it all over my right hand and began going down and down and down until I got to those huge powerful balls he had. They felt gigantic so I had to look down at them. They resembled the ones my son has so they were big but Jason's were bigger than his. And they had a big split between them so each one stood out on its own. Mark looked at Jason's **** and told him that was the second biggest **** he had ever seen. Mark advised Jason that he and I had had sex once with a white guy who had 10 3/8" and Jason said he could not believe I could **** guys with such big dicks since I am so little. I reached over and grabbed Mark's still-hard **** and told Jason this was the thing that made it possible. I told him Mark started ******* me when I was 16 with this big **** and it must have pushed my stuff farther up in me because I could take up to 11". I did ask Jason if he would allow me to measure him since I always did that with every guy I was with. He said he would love that but he would love to see how much Mark had too so he wanted me to measure both of them. I told them to sit on the sofa and leave enough room for me to sit between them. They did and I measured Mark first to show Jason. Mark was still the same as the last time I checked him at 8 1/2". Jason was fairly impressed. Then I reached over and grabbed Jason's. That thing was as thick as a can of beer. Honestly! It was a pleasure just to feel it. I pulled it away from his chest and stood it straight up and measured a full 9 3/4" in length and just a tad shy of 8" around!  Holy ****! Now the problem was that as I had sat on the sofa naked, Chief knew that as a sign that I was ready for him. He came over and began licking my ***** vigorously alternating between my ****, my ***** and my butthole. Damn, it was feeling good. Jason said that was the wildest thing he had ever seen and he began stroking his pole. Mark had already been doing his so I told them to wait till Chief got inside me and I would play with their dicks while Chief ****** me. After a couple of minutes of licking me, Chief climbed up and mounted me. He was trying to put it in my butthole so I decided to let him do that first. I leaned back just a bit more so he could slide in my butthole. And, pop, he was in! He was humping away so I reached over and grabbed my boys on each side and began moving their big foreskins up and down. I was one lucky girl as I was jacking over 18" of dicks!!!! How many women have ever done this before???? Jason reached over and began rubbing my **** while Chief ****** me. Mark reached over and began fingering my *****. I looked at how much bigger Jason's fingers were than Mark's and I told them to switch. Mark pulled his finger out and put it front of Jason's nose for him to smell. Jason smelled it and licked Mark's finger clean and said that was some sweet-tasting *****. Damn, Jason's finger felt like a sort of small **** in me due to its huge size. It was long and thick like his ****. He was really making me horny as hell with this. He would pull his finger out to the edge and I could see all my white female juice all over his dark black finger. He asked softly if I would want another finger and I moaned I did. It took a bit of doing to get two of them in me but they went in. Now my ***** was full, Chief was ******* my butthole and Mark was expertly servicing my ****. I really didn't want Chief to shoot his load in my butthole because his knot is just too big for that but this was just feeling too good to turn back now. After a short while, I could tell Chief was getting close to getting his nut, so I decided to just let him finish in my butthole even though I knew the consequences. Suddenly, his pace picked up a lot and then he shoved it all the way in my butthole and stayed there as he dumped his puppy seed all inside my butthole. Jason was having a fit at watching all of this since he had never seen a dog **** a woman in person. I warned him not to *** until he had finished making me *** with his fingers. Mark had my **** hard as a rock and ready to explode. Then it happened. Chief's knot swelled up and damn it hurt in my butthole. My buttthole is really small as it is and this was just too much. And yet while my butthole was in such pain, my ***** and **** were feeling fantastic. They kept fingering and rubbing me while I kept jacking their dicks and Chief was enjoying his ****** and huge knot. Jason put his other arm around me and started playing with my little left boob and nipple. I guess that put him over the edge because he began moaning loudly and here came the ocean of ***. Damn, he must have shot a gallon of ***!!!! It went everywhere. Well, that got to Mark and he began squirting his load all over the place too. They and I were covered in ***. Then I felt my ****** coming on and here came a rush of white female *** out of my ***** all over Jason's fingers. Finally, my **** got real sensitive so I told Mark to stop rubbing it. Jason slowly pulled his dark black fingers out of my ***** and they had turned white from all of my female ***. He looked at them and said, "Damn, girl, I've never seen a girl *** that much!" Chief was still mounted on me and he began licking their *** off of me. It was hilarious! By then, Mark's **** had gone down but Jason's was still hard as a rock. My butthole was stretched to the max and really hurting. I told Jason that as soon as Chief's knot went down, I would **** him. Mark decided to try to hurry this situation. He got up and began rubbing Chief's balls a lot. That often helps his knot to go down sooner. And it did seem to help some because before much longer, Chief pulled out and the *** came flooding out of me. It went all over the sofa and the floor. I told Jason I needed to go clean up some before we ****** and he agreed. As I got in the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I decided a shower was necessary. So I got in the shower and washed as fast as I could. I dried off quickly, tossled my hair and headed back out with my bath towel around me. Jason was still hard and Mark had gotten hard again while I was gone. I sort of wondered what they had done while I was in the shower so I asked what had caused Mark to get hard again. He said since they both had big dicks with lots of foreskin, they decided to try shrimp docking while I bathed. And sure enough they made it work. So I told them nobody was getting any of this little ***** till I saw that myself. So they stood up facing each other and Mark put his foreskin over Jason first. Mark really had to stretch his to get it over that beer-can sized **** but he did it. Then Jason put his over Mark's **** and Jason's foreskin was so long it went way back over Mark's ****. Wow!!!! All of that had me horny as hell again. So I dropped my towel and I looked at Jason and asked if he wanted to go in the bedroom. He said yes but he would carry me in there. He picked me up and began kissing me deeply and passionately. I could feel my ***** juice flowing like a river again. I spread my legs, wrapped them around him and he began slowly trying to ease that giant **** in me. Just feeling something that thick against my ***** was a thrill I had never experienced before. His precum was pouring out and my juice was too so I felt it would go in but I wasn't sure. He rubbed it back and forth thru my lips and onto my ****. Oh, ****, that felt good! I needed that thing in me NOW!!!! I reached down to help guide him in and he hit the hole but it was not going in. Now I was getting worried. I had gotten this close to this big **** and I was going to figure a way to get it in. He just kept moving back and forth slowly while I tried to hump him a little and suddenly a little bit of the head was going in. But it sure was stretching me. But who cared???? We kept on kissing and I could feel a little bit more going in and then a little more and finally it all started sliding in me. He went balls deep and could not believe I could take it all. He said very few women had ever done that and most of them were big chicks. This thing felt like a horse **** in me. I have had sex with horses before so I know that feeling. The big difference was that I could kiss this guy and control how long we ******. He was so strong he held my little 100-pound body up effortlessly. And he began giving me a royal *******. He was good!!!!!! He would pull his **** all the way to the edge and then I could feel that huge head go back in. It was magnificent! Mark was enjoying watching this while he played with his **** so I invited him to come over and suck my boobs. As he did this, he reached around to play with my butt. As he slid a finger in my butthole, I told him to stop because it hurt so bad from Chief's knot. He pulled his finger out and showed me that I was bleeding. That concerned me but this was too good to stop now. By now, Jason was banging my ***** all out and it was feeling so good. I asked him how much longer he could go and he said a good while. I told him to carry me to the bedroom and put me in the bed. He did and put his arms around my back as he laid me in the bed. His **** never came out of me and he contined to **** me in the bed. He was even better like this. I was leaning back on my elbows so I could watch him. I could not believe that huge black piston was going in and out of me so hard and so fast. It was covered in my ***** juice and his precum and it was shiny black. His balls were so big they were slapping my butthole and I loved that feeling even though my butthole was still sore. Mark laid on the bed beside us and began kissing my right boob and nipple again. My little nipple was as hard as Jason's ****. Then Mark began humping my right leg while he watched us ****. I could feel his precum getting all over me. Slick and hot precum. I could tell Mark was getting anxious at his turn at my *****. He asked Jason if he cared if Mark played with his nuts while Jason ****** me and Jason told him to go for it. Mark got up and reached behind Jason and began squeezing. I could watch him as Jason would pull back from me with each thrust. Jason told him that felt really good. Mark is bi-sexual so he has had plenty of experience at playing with other guys' balls not counting the millions of times I have seen him play with his own. Jason had been ******* me now for over 30 minutes and Mark was hot to get his turn so he went for the kill. Mark got some of his precum off his ****, put it on his middle finger and slid the finger in Jason's butthole. Well, that did it! Jason shoved that huge **** all the way in me and unloaded another gigantic load. He was shuddering and shivering and moaning all at the same time. He collapsed on me and as big as he was, that was a lot for my little body. He began kissing me deeply again and told me that was the best ***** he had ever had. Bar none! I was impressed because I knew with a **** that big, he had had plenty of ***** before. He pulled out and looked at Mark and told him he must have been crazy to divorce me. Mark agreed and told Jason he had tried everything to get me back but nothing worked so far. But he intended to keep trying.
Now it was Mark's turn and I knew he loves doggy style so I got up on all fours and pointed my ***** toward him. He pulled it open a little and looked at all the *** Jason had deposited and was shocked! He said I had better not be able to get pregnant or this load was definitely going to make me a mother again. I told him it was a possibility and a black baby may be a little hard for me to explain to my husband. Mark had no problem sliding inside me since I was so open from Jason. But he went to town ******* me furiously. I could tell he wanted to squirt his load as soon as possible. He said he loved feeling Jason's *** all over his **** as he ****** away. He looked down and told me my butthole was still bleeding but I didn't care right then. Mark normally spends about an hour ******* me but I could tell he wanted to make this one as quick as possible. Then guess who came in the bedroom. Chief! And guess what he wanted. You guessed it. He got up on the bed and was trying to nudge Mark out of the way. Mark yelled for him to go on but Chief would not stop. He was trying to lick my ***** and butthole while Mark was in there. So Mark let him do that until Mark shot his load deep in me. And that load felt so good too. OK now Mark got off and Chief jumped to mount me. He climbed on but I told Mark to be sure Chief's **** went in my ***** this time so he guided it in there. Chief felt good this time too. He was whimpering because it felt so good to him too. Jason was sitting on the bed real close to the action and said he could not believe what he was seeing! Chief ****** me for about 5 minutes before he exploded his second load for the day in me. And here came the knot. Jason looked at that and said he could not believe my ***** could open up that much. As he watched that, boom!, here he came again all over the place!! I mean that black **** and those huge black balls can make some ***, baby! Chief finally went down and pulled out and dismounted me. I was totally full of ***, my butthole was bleeding and I needed a good shower. But it was really going to be cutting it close on getting home before my current husband if I did that. So I decided to put a couple of pads in my panties and head for home. I got dressed, kissed each of my lovers to thank them for servicing me so well (including Chief) and I took off for home. I got there about 2 minutes before my husband did. I was in the bathroom cleaning *** out of me when he got there. I was sitting on the commode squeezing my ***** so he just thought I was peeing! He came in the bathroom and asked me how my day was and I told him it was just the usual!
By the way, my bleeding for my butthole stopped by the next day. And I called Mark and told him I expect Jason to be there for our next session.
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Well done.. i have the same deal with an ex girlfriend. We were not meant to share a house, but she still enjoys what we have in the bedroom compared to her husband.

yes, and how to say it.. to nice.. doesnt understand what really drives her..

You're a great writer Star. Half way through the story I had to go and 'relieved' myself. Would love to see the action live!!!

Very hot story

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i will work for food......

VERY FKN hot love ******* a cummy *****
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what to!

This is without a doubt the sexiest store ever written
All I can do is bow down to all of you including Chief! Now I have licked more than my share of other mens *** out of mouths ******* even ******** but I have never sucked a dogs *** from one, I would so love to watch tat dog *** in one of your holes and then duck n lick it out. Have you ever let him **** your mouth? What's it taste like? Those 2 guys are more than I can match up to but just to watch them with you, I would do anything you asked me for the privilege.
Oh yes my balls are emptied and once again I sittin here with a big load of my *** in my own mouth
Thank you so much

You never tasted his ***? Wow oh th baby you're the greatest! Anytime you want u can have me to do with as u please <3 u

DAMN, very hot story from a extremely hot lady. Now this is something I would have loved to have watched, I could just sit back stroke my **** and watch you **** the three of them and I'm sure the site of your very well ****** stretched out *** filled ***** would have pushed me over the edge in no time. I can't wait to read about your next vist with the three of them. Thank you for sharing this experience.

Interesting, I'm fully extended just reading your comments. Like Chief, my glands is extended out of my sheath, unlike Chief, I don't have a knot.

Did you know that the shape of the human male penis glans is designed to remove a previous lovers ***** load? I watched a segment recently on PBS. The flared back cap of the human glans scoops out previous ***** from the vagina while the pointed front end with its pee hole at the tip enables the last man to deposit his ***** closest to the cervix.Your ex-husband's penis being the last to ********* removed most of Jasons and Chiefs load as nature designed. Also there is a medical condition for transmitting a previous lover's ***** via a second man's penis foreskin into another women and impregnating her with the first lovers *****. The second man's foreskin just acts as a carrier for moving ***** from the first man into the second women. My wife told me of a story she read of a lady describing sex with her boxer. This lady claimed that since a dog's body temperature is much higher than a humans, when her boxer would *** inside her, she could feel his "very hot" ejaculant in her vagina. Have you experienced a similar thing with Chief? Do dog's have a defined glans penis like a human or is their penis just tubular without a defined head. My wife is now looking up websites on these types of actions with dogs. I don't think this is my kind of thing, but we will see.

About 10 years ago a good buddy of mine was getting married. A perverted friend of his had 6 of us guys over to his lake house for the bachelor party. We watched some **** and sports and drank a lot. We all decided we would go down to the lake and skinny dip. My buddy's perverted friend stopped us and said he had some entertainment coming. So we all sat back and waited and drank some more. There was a knock at the door and a couple and their big German Shepherd came in. The girl was probably our age (mid to late 20's) and the guy was a little older. I assumed he was the enforcer and protector along with the Shepherd to be sure nothing got out of hand. The girl immediately ******** down and started ************. She had a nice body and a shaved *****. She had huge labia flaps and rubbed her **** tool until she had an ****** and squirted some juice. We all thought, that was cool, and the show is now it wasn't. She had the Shepherd come over and she massaged his ball sac and tool until his pink glans extended from it's sheath. I had never seen anything like that and was puzzled about the whole thing. Once the dog's pink glans was dripping she got down on her hands and knees and the dog mounted her. She encouraged all of the guys to pull out their tools and jerk off while watching the dog thrusting his tool into her hole. She wanted to see everyones erect penis and foreskin or lack of foreskin while the dog was pounding her. I pulled my skin covered glans out and gave her a show. I think she liked my purple head. I think I was the only one with foreskin, possibly one of the other guys that I didn't know real well (until tonight) had extra skin on this tool. We were all so drunk and horny we said OK. We all shot our loads on to the floor in the kitchen. The dog also shot his load and licked her cream pie clean. The dog then came over and licked up all of our loads spilled on the floor. I was embarrassed about the whole thing the next day and didn't tell my wife about it until I think the next year after they got married.

you are so naughty!!! That is crazy. I hope you get a DP next time you all meet up.

What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing. Love what I see of you!

My god I almost *** just reading that story!

Would have had room for another ****?

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Holy ****. Once again just an amazing story. You are one hell of a sexual being. I'm sure we'd all like to hear a story about what you mentioned of you ******* a horse too. Please do tell.

loved your story that was oo hot , i came very well as well, that sure would have been a sight to see..but watching it would have gotten me all excited as well i would have to jump on in and joined in as well

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Mmmmmmmmmmmm star baby you know what i love sweety mmmmmmmmmm so much *** to lick up mmmmmmmmmmmmm i am going to cummmmmmmmmmmm tooo mmmmmmmmmm