I Have Had Sex With All Of My Wife's Sisters And Her Mother!

One night a couple of years ago when I was 39, I was cuddling my wife Anna (30 at the time) in bed after making love when to my surprise she started talking about how sad it was that her mother Olivia who at the time was 48 had not had sex for five years since her father was killed in a RTA. I was even more surprised when she then told me that she wanted me to have sex with her mum. She said she had been thinking about it for a while and that it would be nice if I would sleep with her mum a couple of times a month. She also told me that she had planned this with her younger sister Dawn (then 27) who had agreed to also get her husband Steve (45) to sleep with Olivia a couple of times a month. Now my stomach was in knots with mixed feelings. Part of me was hurt that Anna would want me to have sex with another woman (mother or not) and part of me was turned on strongly by the thought of getting to f*uck Olivia, who is only 9 years older than me, and despite being well into her middle years had kept up both her figure and her looks. I have to admit I had fantasised about f*cking her more than once during the time I had been with Anna. In all truth Anna, her mother Olivia and both her younger sisters, Dawn and the baby of the family Valarie (16 at the time) are all attractive women, with curvy sexy figures, dark hair and blue eyes. If I was honest with myself I fancied them all. Anna told me that she had already spoken to her mum and that she was expecting me over in a couple of days. She told me to spend the night and to make sure Olivia had a good time. I did not get much sleep that night thinking about this, and in the morning I said to Anna that as Dawn has arranged with Steve to also pleasure her mum, maybe it would be nice if we both went over and give her a really special time. I told Anna that in part I was also suggesting this because I was rather nervous about facing Olivia on my own. Anna said why not and phoned Dawn, who spoke to Steve and it was all agreed. I admit my reasons for this were not as innocent as I suggested to Anna, but I will come back to that later.
The day arrived and I headed across town to my mother in law’s house. She answered the door looking absolutely gorgeous, wearing a sexy black dress that showed her curves and great legs off. She invited me in and as we were having some coffee, I said “Olivia, I was shocked when Anna asked me to have sex with you, but you look so gorgeous that I really want to make love to you”.  Olivia smiled and touching my knee looked me in the eye and told me that she had barely slept with excitement since Anna and Dawn had suggested this arrangement”.  Just then Steve arrived. We had agreed to keep this a surprise for Olivia, so she was at first disappointed that his arrival was going to interfere with our plans, but I told her to relax and that her daughters had set this up as a special treat. We moved from the kitchen into the lounge and sat with Olivia in the middle on the sofa. She started the play by kissing me. I was taken aback by the urgency of her kisses, as it almost felt like she was trying to eat me. As she did so Steve began to touch her breasts. I felt her tense as he did so, and then also felt her hand grab my already stiff c*ock through my trousers. I saw that she was also rubbing Steve’s crotch when she finally let me breathe as she turned and started to kiss Steve. As she did so I ran my hand up her leg under her dress until I reached her panties which to my pleasure were soaking wet. I pushed them aside and slid two of my fingers into her dripping wet p*ussy. We continued like this for a few minutes until Olivia could take it no more. She stood up and slipped her dress off revealing that she was wearing a sexy set of underwear, a lacy black bra and panties with matching black stockings and suspenders. This was the first time either Steve or I had been able to fully appreciate how our wife’s had gotten their looks. Olivia despite her age was still stunning, with only some stretch marks and a little looseness in the skin of her belly spoiling her body. Steve and I both hurriedly undressed down to our boxers. Olivia came over to me and slid her hand down the front of my boxers and pulled my hard 7 inch c*ock out. She looked at it as she give it a gentle w*ank and said “Anna is a lucky girl”! Not to be left out she soon had Steve’s only slightly smaller c*ock out as well. I undid her bra letting her large F cup breasts hang free while Steve bent and pulled her panties down. “God I want your c*ocks inside me” she said in a breathless whisper. I pushed her down unto her hands and knees and taking hold of her curvy bottom, rubbed the head of my engorged c*ock up and down along my mother in law’s dripping p*ussy, savouring the fact that it was about to penetrate its first new p*ussy in years. Olivia moaned and pushed her rear backwards against me, until finally first the head and then the entire 7 inch length of my shaft penetrated her wet c*unt. As it did so she gasped “oh yes”, before grabbing Steve’s c*ock and taking it into her mouth. I had never experienced anything quite so hot, as I smiled across at Steve as we each had our c*ocks inside our wife’s mother. I f*cked her dripping c*unt , savouring the fact that my c*ock was inside the very passage that 30 years earlier my wife had been born through until within seconds of each other we had filled both her p*ussy and mouth with our c*um. Afterwards we went upstairs to her bedroom, with my seed running down her legs. Steve seemed to take great delight tasting the mix of my seed and her p*ussy juice as he licked her p*ussy and cl*t while she sucked my c*ock. As soon as he was fully ready, Steve got Olivia to swivel round and stick her a*ss in the air as he took his turn to f*uck her. It did not seem that long until Steve’s c*um joined my seed in her hot c*unt , and my wad followed his down her throat. Afterwards we all went back downstairs completely naked. Olivia made us a quick meal. As we sat in the lounge enjoying the food I asked her if she had enjoyed sharing her daughter’s men. She smiled and answered that it was the best sex she had ever had, and that she wished she had f*ucked more than one man at a time years ago. She also admitted that it was a turn on f*ucking us, as even before her husband was killed she had wondered what it would be like to f*uck me (Dawn and Steve met after my father in law was killed). Both Steve and I admitted that we had also wondered what it would be like to f*uck her. She told us that she was going to phone Anna and Dawn to thank them and to tell them how great it had been having both of us together. I was pleased by this, as I admit my chief reason for suggesting that Steve and I should f*uck Olivia together was that I really also wanted the chance to have sex with Dawn, whom I had lusted after for years. We spent the night with all three of us in her King sized bed, and in the morning we each f*ucked her again. When Olivia was in the shower I took my chance to try and arrange my chance to f*uck Dawn by saying to Steve that I was sure Anna would love to have both of us f*uck her as we had done her mother.  Steve looked and me and asked me did I not mind the thought of him f*ucking my wife.  I answered that I was turned on by the idea of seeing another man f*uck her.  He looked a little sheepish and admitted that he often thought about f*ucking Anna and would love to if both she and Dawn agreed. I then admitted that I too had often fantasised about f*ucking his wife.   I told him that I would suggest it to Anna if he also spoke to Dawn. He agreed. After Olivia had made us breakfast we both headed home.
Anna asked me if I had enjoyed having sex with her mum, so I told her I had enjoyed it but reassured her that I still wanted her more than her mother. We ended up in bed having sex, but I was struggling because of having c*um several times within the last few hours, so in the end we ended up having great anal sex, with the tightness of Anna’s a*ss hole allowing my worn out c*ock to c*um yet again. Afterwards, she told me her mum had phoned her and raved about how great it was having two men f*uck her at once. I looked at her and pretending to be a bit hurt said “it sounds like you would like to be screwed by Steve”?  She looked really uncomfortable and replied “mum really made it sound as if it was great, she said it was the best sex she had ever had”, then “after all you are getting to f*uck mum”. I pretended to think about it and answered “OK, I can see that, but I really don’t fancy Steve getting to f*uck you if I don’t get to screw Dawn”. It was now Anna’s turn to have to think. “You want to f*uck my sister”? “Yes, but only because I want to keep everything balanced if we have a three*some with Steve. It would only be fair to both Dawn and me” I replied. She didn’t mention it again for a few hours but then said that yes we could do that deal. She phoned her sister, and had a long conversation on the phone. Olivia had also been raving to Dawn, and she admitted that like Anna she had been turned on by the thought of sharing her mum’s experience. It was agreed that we would wait a couple of days to allow Steve and I to ‘recover’. Dawn was going to get the treatment first because Anna was just taking her period.
Two hellish days later Dawn arrived at our house to drop her three year old son off as it had been agreed that Anna would look after him while I shared Dawn with her husband. Dawn and I then headed across town to her house. She asked me if I had gotten a kick out of screwing her mum and if I was looking forward to having her. I answered yes to both. I was pleasantly surprised when she answered by fondling my rapidly stiffening c*ock as we drove along. I told her “Dawn you know I have wanted you ever since we met”. She smiled and said “I can certainly feel that you want me now”. Finally we got to her house to find Steve already naked. Dawn looked at me and ordered me to get my kit off “I want to see what Anna has been enjoying all these years”. I quickly removed my clothes. Dawn took my 7 inch c*ock into her hand and gently pulled my foreskin back and give the exposed tip a quick teasing kiss, and said “I see mum was not exaggerating”. Still fully clothed she sank to her knees and took hold of my balls as she again kissed and then sucked my hard c*ock. God what an experience it was looking down to see my wife’s younger sister suck my hard member. I looked across at Steve who was stroking his c*ock as he watched his wife suck my c*ock. Curious because I knew I would soon have to watch him f*uck Anna, I asked him “what does it feel like seeing Dawn suck my c*ock”? He replied that it was bloody erotic. I am sure Dawn would have sucked me until I had shot my load into her throat, but Steve came over and pulled her up. I got her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head revealing her naked breasts, while Steve worked to get her jeans open and down. “Oh god” I said as I took Dawn’s massive but firm breasts into my hands for the first time (something I had long dreamed of doing). They were even larger than either Anna’s or Olivia’s. All three women are both pretty and well endowed, but if I am honest Dawn is the pick of the bunch, and I have always felt a slight regret that I had met Anna and fell for her rather than Dawn. As I bent over to kiss these magnificent breasts, Steve finally managed to get Dawn out of her tight jeans and panties. He slipped his fingers into her (to my delight) shaved c*unt and then brought them out to show me that they were covered in Dawn’s p*ussy juices. “She’s ready for you”. Just as her mother had done, Dawn got down on her hands and knees and took Steve’s c*ock into her mouth. I was delighted by how hot her shaved p*ussy looked framed by her wonderfully sexy a*ss. I guided my c*ock into the dripping wet c*unt that I had wanted to f*uck for so many years and began to pump in and out harder than I had done with Anna for years. I was banging so hard against her a*ss, with my balls slapping against her cheeks that I caused her to deep throat her husband’s c*ock. “Yes he moaned…..f*uck the dirty b*tch harder”! It was not long until I was sending surges of my hot seed deep into her juicy c*unt which was followed a minute or so later by Steve’s c*um in her mouth. We all collapsed together in a heap and I thanked Steve for letting me screw his wife. He answered that it was his pleasure watching me turn her into a dirty little wh*re. Dawn did not seem to mind being called a dirty wh*re, as she lay back and spread her legs wide to allow Steve to lick her sticky c*unt. I took the chance to get to pay more attention to her massive breasts, while she moaned as Steve tongued her c*unt. When both of us were stiff again, Dawn once more got on her hands and knees and ordered Steve to f*uck her. She then took my c*ock into her mouth and blew me until I shot my load into her mouth. As he was f*ucking her Steve kept saying “Oh you dirty b*tch, your p*ussy feels so good full of his sp*unk. Dawn looked up and asked me “do you want to f*uck my a*ss”? “Oh yes” I answered. Steve who had just shot his load into her p*ussy said “I want to watch you sodomise her, I want to see your c*ock slide into her sh*t hole”! Dawn ordered me to lie back before straddling me and holding her butt cheeks apart as she slowly lowered her a*ss hole onto my again hard 7 inch c*ock. At first it resisted but with what felt almost like a little pop, her muscle give way and she sank unto my tool. She began to slowly ride my c*ock while I had the pleasure of looking up at her perfect breasts wobbling to time with her pelvic moves. Meanwhile Steve was w*anking as he kept ordering her to ride my c*ock. Despite having come already twice, I soon spurted my seed into her tight shi*t hole. I was rather surprised when Steve immediately came over and stuck his tongue up her still open a*ss before noisily sucking my wad out of her anus (he is a bit of a dirty perve).  That night I asked Steve in front of Dawn “are you looking forward to f*ucking Anna”?  He looked straight at Dawn as he answered “hell yes, I want her, I want to turn her into a wh*ore just like you have done to Dawn”.  I smiled and told him I wanted to f*uck his wh*ore wife again.  I ended up spending the whole night f*ucking Dawn while her husband watched.
The next morning Steve, Dawn and I all headed over to her mum’s house, where we met Anna with the kids (my two and Dawn’s one). Valerie took the children out to the local play park allowing us all to chat. Dawn took great delight in giving a blow by blow account of what all of us had gotten up to. I enjoyed watching Anna’s reaction as she heard how I had f*ucked her hot sister. Steve also openly told Anna that he wanted to f*uck her as soon as her period had stopped. Olivia looked interested when she heard that I had anally f*ucked her daughter. At one point she said to me “you are a lucky boy getting to have sex with both sisters and their mother”! I said I was, and was a bit shocked when Steve said “Yes almost the full set. He has just to get his c*ock into Valerie”. When he said this Dawn, Anna and Olivia all froze before Dawn said “Steve Valerie is only 16, are you saying you would like to f*uck her”? He grinned and said “to be honest yes, I want to f*uck both your sisters” before looking me in the eye and saying “and I bet he does as well”. This made the situation rather tense, but it was not mentioned again. Later at home Anna needed reassurance that despite how much I obviously had enjoyed Dawn, that I still loved her. She also asked me if I would also like to screw Valerie. I told her that yes a part of me would like to, but that I did not expect it to happen. I was just a fantasy.  I told her how much Steve had enjoyed watching me f*uck Dawn, and that I wanted her to really enjoy Steve’s c*ock when her turn came, and not to worry that it would upset me.
A week later when it was time to pleasure Olivia again (this time on my own). Olivia again had made a great effort to look her best and certainly took great pleasure in sucking and f*ucking me. Given how rapt she had looked when Dawn had recounted having my c*ock in her anus, I was not at all surprised when Olivia asked me to f*uck her a*ss. To my delight she told me she had never had a c*ock in her a*ss. She asked me to be gentle with her.  Her virgin sh*t hole was certainly extremely tight and I had to work hard to get her to relax. Fortunately I had anticipated this and had brought a tube of KY jelly with me.  I first probed her a*ss hole with one then two fingers before finally easing my hard c*ock into her tightest hole.  As I was sodomising my hot mother in law, she was moaning louder than I had ever heard a woman do during sex. She then produced a selection of sex toys which she got me to use on her. She seemed to particularly enjoy having one in her newly buggered a*ss while I used another to pound her p*ussy. I told her how hot it was that Dawn had her p*ussy shaved, so Olivia got me to get dressed and head out to a local shop to get a razor and foam so that I could shave her c*unt bare. Afterwards as we cuddled in bed she brought up the subject of what Steve had said about Valarie. She told me that Valerie was still a virgin and that she had been thinking that it might be a good idea if I took her virginity! I was surprised, but she explained that she thought it would be nice if Valerie’s first experience was with an experienced man rather than some spotty teenager. She suggested that I could take her virginity on her birthday. I admitted that I would love to, but would prefer to do it while she was still 16 as it would add spice to it the younger she was. Olivia laughed and told me I was a perve, but said she would set it up. I said I was not sure how Anna would react, so she told me to wait until Steve and I had f*ucked Anna together and then she would talk her daughter into allowing it. I asked her what about Steve, and she said, maybe afterwards, but I want her first time to be more normal.
Two days after my second night with Olivia, Steve finally got to f*uck Anna, who had been getting more and more excited by the idea of the three*some. As I have already said, Anna is not quite the equal of her sister Dawn in looks, but she more than made up for it with her enthusiasm as she f*ucked, and sucked our c*ocks. I have to admit I was surprised but delighted by this session. Despite it being my wife it was just as good as screwing Dawn or Olivia. I really got a kick out of seeing her suck Steve’s c*ock and then have it first in her anus and then her c*unt. I also let Steve shave her as I had done with her mother. She also seemed to enjoy him calling her a dirty b*tch, sl*t and wh*re, and I guess given what she was doing the names fit well enough. I really really enjoyed seeing my lovely wife f*ucked and sodomised like a dirty wh*ore. As had been suggested by Olivia, the three children were staying with her this time, so when the next morning Dawn came around to our house, I said to Anna that I would love her to see my f*uck Dawn while she f*ucked Steve, so all four of us ended up f*ucking. Just as I had enjoyed seeing Anna get f*ucked by Steve I really enjoyed seeing her face as I rammed my c*ock into her beautiful sister’s sh*t hole and shaved cu*nt as Steve did the same to her.  I kept looking at Anna and ordering her to watch me sink my c*ock into her into her sl*ut sister.  Steve also was saying similar things to both girls. 
Having enjoyed having Anna witness me f*ucking Dawn I was very keen to have her see me screwing her mother. I asked her how it had made her feel seeing me f*uck her younger sister.  She told me that it had been both hard and yet very erotic at the same time.  I then told her that it would give me a real kick if she would watch me f*uck her mother.  She agreed to this as long as I would give her some attention. We invited Olivia over and surprised her when I started to kiss and fondle her in front of her daughter. She was unsure at first but I had learned that she was turned on by the same things as Anna, so I deliberately kept rubbing her nipples and stroking her thighs. It was not long until she was enthusiastically responding, and was as naked as the day she was born. I let Anna suck my c*ock as her mother watched, while I kept saying suck my c*ock  the way you sucked Steve’s you dirty little wh*re".  Once I was ready I spread Olivia’s long legs wide and thrust my c*ock into her shaved c*unt. Anna fingered herself as I screwed her mother. “Does it turn you one watching me f*uck your dirty wh*re of a mother”? I asked. “Yes” she replied. "as much as watching me stick my c*ock in your sl*ut sister's a*ss hole"?  Again the answer was "yes". After I had c*um in her mother's p*ussy,  I got Anna to suck her mother's c*unt juices of my c*ock until it was hard again. I then bent my wife over the end of the bed and brutally f*ucked her sh*t hole as her mother watched. It really turned me on watching Olivia's face as I rammed my c*ock into her daughter's a*ss hole as hard as I could.  I looked at Olivia and said "watch me f*uck the a*ss of your dirty f*ucker daughter”.  Afterwards I got Olivia to suck me hard again, cleanin g all traces of her daughter's a*ss off my c*ock before I bent her over the end of the bed and buggered her sh*it hole with all the force I could muster.  I looked over at my wife and said "God your mother should do this for a living, no wonder you and Dawn are such dirty sl*uts.  After I shot my load into Olivia's a*ss,it gaped open so wide I was able to insert most of my fingers into her.  It was later when Olivia finally got the meal she had been expecting that she told Anna that she would like me to take Valerie’s virginity the day before her 17th birthday. I was not sure how Anna would react, but I guess that by this stage nothing shocked her, so she agreed. It was not Valerie’s birthday for 4 months, so I had plenty more experiences before that. First I got to f*uck Dawn along with her mum just as I had Anna, and again I revelled in letting them both see how dirty they both were, it was also arranged for Steve to f*uck Dawn and Olivia together, and on another occasion he f*ucked Anna in every hole in front of her mum. The best of all was when Steve and I got to have all three of them together as Olivia was keen to see Steve f*uck Anna while I f*ucked Dawn, before we both spit roast her in front of her dirty daughters. It was on the way home after this or*gy that Anna said “why wait, why not f*uck Valerie as soon as possible”? I needless to say was agreeable. We phoned Olivia and put it to her. It did not take too much effort to get her to agree. She talked to Valerie, who obviously is cut from the same cloth as her mum and sisters, because while nervous she was hot for it. To my shock Anna suggested that we do the deed in our house so that we could rig up the camcorder to secretly film me taking her baby sisters cherry, as she really wanted to see it without directly intruding.
A week later as arranged, I picked up Valerie from school delighted by how sexy she looked in her school uniform. I asked her if she was nervous and she said that she was. I also asked her if she was really still a virgin, and she admitted that she had w*anked a boy at school and let him feel her t*ts. I was delighted to know that I would be the first one to get my c*ock into her. Valerie is like a younger version of Anna. All three sisters resemble each other, but Valerie and Anna really look alike. If it was not for the age difference they could pass as identical twins. At 16 her breasts were still much smaller than Anna’s or Dawn’s but I could well imagine that they would get bigger as she matures (and now a couple of years on I can say they are indeed filling out). I got home as quickly as possible. Anna greeted her little sister and told her to have a good time before heading out with the kids. So that everything was captured on camera I took Valerie up to our bedroom before starting to kiss her and letting my hands rove over her young virgin body. I slowly took her school uniform off, until all she was wearing was her bra and white cotton panties. I then took my own clothes off, letting her see my 7 inch engorged c*ock. “How does that compare with the boy in school”? I asked. She just looked at it, her eyes wide open. I took her in my arms and cupped her ‘relatively’ little C cup sized breast, using my thumb to rub her nipple through the material of her bra. Valerie moaned, and it was obvious that nipple stimulation worked just as well on her as it did with my wife or her mother. I then undid her bra and gasped with pleasure at how sexy her immature breasts looked, with her nipples sitting on top of a little lump before swelling out to the main body of her breasts. “Oh Valerie, you are perfect” I breathed. I gently pushed her down onto the bed and pulled her white cotton panties off to reveal her virgin p*ussy. She was not shaved, but still had relatively little hair. I made sure the camera got an unimpeded view of her lying naked with her long legs spread wide before I knelt and began to lick her by now juicy sex organs. I resisted the urge to push a finger into her virgin hole as I didn’t want to risk breaking her hymen with anything other than my c*ock. I played with her little cl*toris until she cried out with her first ever orgas*m. I then got up and putting her legs over my shoulders teased her p*ussy opening with the head of my c*ock. “Are you sure you want me to f*uck you”? I asked. “Yes, yes” she cried. I pushed my c*ock in, feeling the resistance from her virgin c*unt before sliding my length in. She give a sharp cry as her hymen tore, leaving blood on my shaft as I began to first slowly and then more quickly pump my c*ock into her tight c*unt. I think I will always remember c*umming into this sexy school girls dripping wet and bloody c*unt. Afterwards I cuddled her before encouraging her to suck my c*ock as I again brought her to orgas*m with my tongue and fingers. I would have loved to have taken her a*ss but decided that, that may have been taking her too far for this first session. Later on I f*ucked her again, this time from behind.  After I had pumped more of my c*um into her 16 year old c*unt, I cuddled Valerie and told her that Steve wanted to f*uck her.  "I know Anna was ok with you taking my virginity, but what about Dawn" she replied. I laughed and told her all about how I regularly f*ucked her mother and Dawn, while Steve was also f*ucking her mum and Anna, and that how we often did it together.  Valerie seemed quite shocked, so I again began to kiss and explore her body, finishing by once again f*ucking her.
When Anna came home she give Valerie a hug and said “well you are a full woman now, was he kind to you”? Valerie blushed hard but agreed that I had been. After I had dropped Valerie home, I invited Olivia to come over to our house. Anna had also asked Dawn and Steve over. With everyone in the lounge, Anna connected the camcorder to the TV and played back the film of Valerie getting her first f*uck. Olivia and Dawn were a bit shocked that we had filmed it, but Olivia commented that I certainly had given Valerie a good introduction to sex. Steve was raging that he did not get to pop Valerie’s cherry, howeverhe had the consolation of f*ucking Anna in front of his wife and her mother as we all watched the video of me f*ucking little Valerie. He got over his disappointment as  he soon got his chance to be the first one to get his c*ock into Valerie’s virgin sh*t hole, this all happened on her 17th birthday, when as a special treat it was arranged that both Steve and I would give little Valerie the time of her life, while Anna, Dawn and her mum watched.  By request Valerie had her p*ussy shaved before this, and dressed in her school uniform, but with the addition of black stockings and high heels, with her hair done in pig tails.  She was quite a sight.  I led her into the lounge where her sisters and mum where waiting already naked, with d*ildos.  Steve was also there with his 6 inch c*ock in my wife's mouth.  Now Valerie had not been expecting her mum and sisters to be there, so was quite shocked. Steve winked at her as my wife, her sister's head bobbed up and down on his c*ock.  Dawn got up and came over to me, and quickly undressed me.  As soon as it was free, she took my c*ock in her hand and said "I want you to f*uck me while I watch Steve screw Val".  Steve meanwhile had pushed Anna away from his c*ock and while he ripped the uniform of Valerie, Olivia knelt in front of me and sucked my c*ock, while Dawn got down on her hands and knees waiting for me to take her.  Steve told Valerie to position herself like Dawn, which she did, while never taking her eyes of her sl*ut mother sucking my c*ock.  As he thrust his c*ock into her shaved c*unt for the first time, Dawn ordered her mother to leave me alone so that I could f*uck her.  I quickly positioned myself behind Dawn and thrust my c*ock into her dripping wet p*ussy. Steve and I matched each other thrust for thrust into the two sisters, while Anna and her mum sat with their legs spread eagled as they f*ucked themselves with the d*ildos.  Steve said "Valerie by the time we are finished with you, you are going to be a dirty wh*ore just like your mother and sisters.  Look at my sl*ut wife getting f*ucked by him as his wife watches".  As usual it give me a great kick f*ucking Dawn while Anna watched unaware of how much more I enjoyed her sister than her.  This time was even more special as I knew I was going to get to f*uck Valerie in front of her as well!  I couldn't help asking Anna "if it turned her on seeing both her dirty sl*ut sisters getiing c*ock at the same time.  Once both me and Steve had shot our loads into the sisters, Anna began to suck Steve's c*ock, while I got Valerie to suck my c*ock clean of the mix of my own c*um and her sister Dawn's juices.   Once I was hard again, I spread Valerie's legs wide and started to give her a long slow f*uck.  Anna lay down beside her sister and opened her legs for Steve.  I give me quite a kick when the two girls looked across at each other as we fu*cked them.  "Anna your baby sister's c*unt is so good" I told my wife.  As soon as I had shot my wad into Valerie, her mother came over and started to suck my c*ock while I licked her p*ussy.  Steve was still screwing Anna, so Dawn give Valerie one of the dild*os so that she could f*uck herself as she watched the show.  Once Olivia had got my well used c*ock hard with her mouth, she got down on all fours and told me to f*uck her a*ss.  I thought Valerie's eyes where going to pop out as she watched me sink my c*ock into her mother's sh*it hole.  As I started sodomising Olivia, Steve finally filled Anna's c*unt with his seed.  Dawn then sucked his c*ock, tasting Anna's juices until he was hard again.  As Dawn was working on him, he looked at Valerie and told her he was going to f*uck the a*ss hole of her.  He took no time to get hard again, and soon had Valerie on her hands and knees face to face with her mother.  "Here it comes" he said has he forced his hard c*ock into her virgin a*ss.  Valerie screamed in pain, as his c*ock pushed through her ring.  "You dirty wh*ore I've got my c*ock in your a*ss hole" he grunted.  This was such a turn on that I upped the pace giving Olivia's sh*it hole one hell of a pounding.  As I did so, Steve also started to pound his meat into and out of poor Valeries hole.  As we were doing this I was delighted to see Anna was using the largest dild*o on Dawn's a*ss.  Finally both Steve and I finished almost at the same time.  Olivia collapsed in a heap, as I headed over and got Dawn to suck my c*ock straight from her mother's shi*t hole.  Normally I would have been spent, but I was so turned on that I soon was getting hard again.  Anna sucked Steve's co*ck, once he was hard Steve buggered Anna.  Once I was stiff, I took Valerie's a*ss.  Dawn did not want left out, and in the end I was swapping my c*ock back and forth between the two sister's as*s holes before finally getting Valerie to take my c*um in her mouth.
After giving Valerie a treat for her 17th, I started to think that it would be cool to give my wife Anna a real treat for our wedding anniversary, one that I would enjoy as well.  I searched the web and found an adult dating website.  I advertised looking for well hung men to f*uck Anna.  In the end I picked out 6 from the many hopefuls.  I then told Steve, who naturally also wanted to take part.  I decided I would not actually f*uck Anna as part of this action, but instead arranged with Steve that Dawn would come along so that I could screw her as Anna got gang banged.  I also considered getting Olivia along so that she could watch her eldest daughter get f*ucked over and over again by 6 strange men, but decided that I would keep this from her so that I could get the same men to do her while all her daughters watched.  It was all arranged, Steve and dawn came over to our house and soon Anna, Dawn Steve and I were naked with Steve licking Anna's c*unt as Dawn sucked my c*ock.  I had left the front door unlocked, and my 6 new friends as arranged sneaked in, undressed and burst into the room.  Anna her legs spread wide as Steve tongued her p*ussy gasped in shock as Steve, dawn and I all shouted surprise; here's your anniversary present.  I told Anna to get down on her hands and knees which allowed the first two of our guests to begin.  One, a large black with a 9 inch c*ock, soon had his enormous tool sliding into my dirty wife's shaved c*unt, while the second had his smaller, but still at least 7 inch c*ock in her eager mouth.  I meanwhile got Dawn to assume the same position, allowing me to slip my engorged c*ock into her little p*ussy.  It is hard to explain how watching my wife get spit roast by to total strangers while I got to f*uck her sexy sister made me feel, let just say that Dawn got the f*ucking of her life. Anna already had stranger’s c*um running down her legs and dribbling out of her mouth, as I shot my load for the first time into Dawn's dripping wet p*ussy.  As the second pair of strangers started to screw Anna's p*ussy and mouth, I did not go soft at all, and was able to turn my attention to Dawn's a*ss.  The black guy with the huge c*ock came over and asked if Dawn could suck his c*ock to get him ready to take Anna again.  This had not been part of the plan, but Steve shouted over "let the dirty wh*ore suck his c*ock", so I nodded and soon Dawn was having her mouth f*ucked by the black’s enormous tool.  As I buggered her sister I enjoyed watching Anna get taken over again, I shouted over "f*uck the sl*ut harder" and to Anna "are you enjoying all these strange c*ocks 8 years after our wedding night"?  I still was pounding Dawn's sh*it hole when the second pair doing Anna were replaced by the last two strangers.  Dawn was also now onto her third strange c*ock in her mouth.  I shot my load into Dawn's a*ss and then got her to suck my c*ock.  Steve then went over to Anna and said "suck my c*ock you dirty sl*ag".  As Anna obeyed, the big black guy started to take Anna's c*unt again, but I shouted over "stick your huge c*ock into her a*ss".  Despite how often, Anna had had my and Steve's c*ocks in her anus, The shear girth of this black c*ock must have shocked and hurt her as he forced it in, as Steve let out a yelp as she had involuntarily bit his c*ock as the black's co*ck speared her a*ss.  As the evening went on Anna took c*um into her c*unt, mouth and a*ss multiple times.  When the last of our guests finished and left, Steve added his sp*unk to her a*ss, and then even though at first I had not meant to, I f*ucked her p*ussy, which was so full of 7 men's seed.  After Dawn and Steve had headed home, with Anna in my arms in bed, I asked her if she had enjoyed herself?  She replied that she had, although she was a little sore.  I laughed and said "you really are a dirty little wh*re, what do you think the clergy man who married us 8 years ago would think if he knew what you had done to celebrate our marriage tonight”?
While Dawn had had some attention from our guest c*ocks she was keen not to be left out so a week later we were back with Dawn getting the attention of so many.  I must admit that I did not enjoy seeing Dawn taken by strangers as much as I had when it was my wife getting f*ucked!
So there you go, that is the story of how myself and my brother-in-law have had the pleasure of f*ucking all the girl’s in our wives’ immediate family. I know many will find this hard to believe, but it is true. Two years on, I am still f*ucking Olivia, my wife and my favourite of the bunch, Dawn. I enjoy Dawn more than the others, she is just so sexy.  Her and I f*uck as often as I can, in fact more often than I f*uck my wife Anna.  Steve also f*ucks Anna at every chance and we both have got to f*uck Valerie a few more times, but sadly she now is ‘faithful’ to her boyfriend. Oh well, maybe in the future again.  All in all Olivia and her three daughters are all dirty little sl*uts and I wouldn't swap them!
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Wow! that was too much,i take it you guys are more closer...

Nice fantasy dude.


you are very lucky ...<br />
i wish to have such family....

can u share the pics of ur wife n her sis''es..??<br />
I wanted to see dawn...how she look likes...!!pls!!

I went with a girl who family f*ucked. She was one of the best f*ucking I ever had. I'll bet anna's family traded around before you showed up.