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Its Amazing!

me and my step sister's affair started about 3 years ago with just making out, then to ******** and fingering, and soon after that came to full-out sex. one of they're children is mine [i fathered it], and she is pregnant right now with what we think is mine also. sex during her pregnancy is out of this world!!!! both of us feel new and different sensations that one can't describe. the crazy thing is that i've gotten her pregnant more times than my wife!! all that i have to do is call her and arrange the meeting, and then it all goes downhill from there... there are pictures of her on my profile
seedandbreedme seedandbreedme 31-35 29 Responses May 27, 2010

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does her husband know about it?

wow, sounds hot, please add me

Fantastic, would love to see her pics, please add me

Love your story.

We are in SC sometimes, I am from there

How did u do it pal??

we should talk and share experiences if ur interested send me an email on ep and we can chat about it there

You are very lucky. Pregnant sex is great.

Is this your step-sister (a sister by marriage of your parent to her parent) or your sister-in-law? If it is Kimberly, she is your sister-in-law.

Pregnant sex was some of the best sex I have ever had.

Pregnant women are so sexy hot and horny ! id love to see your sexy step sister , baby bump. full **** and all ! oh yeah !

I would love to see your step sister nude

So are you still having sex with your lucky step sister or is it all in the past. Maybe you should go for a ********* with your wife and your sister

Thats so cool to keep breeding your step sister while her hubby raises the children

Very hot situation you've got!

amazing story, thanks for sharing it. Great to have a relation with your step-sister like that

Wow, that's soooo hot.

She is a sweet looking lady! Does your wife know this is going on?

buy one get one free,lucky boy

LOL that was a good one! Made me laugh.

Does your wife know?

That is so hot and fantastic. Please add me

please add us, please. my wife used to bang her uncle.

Awesome story.

How can we view your profile photos? I'd like to see some knocked up girls!

Your my hero that's awesome

That's a HOT step sis for sure.

he still doesn't know!!!

Amazing! And her hubby is still in the dark? Or have you both double teamed her?

Whoo, that is my fantasy!!